Running in College

One of the most notable experiences during my time as a student at Eastern was being a student athlete on the Track and Cross-Country teams. I first began running track during my sophomore year at Foran High School in Milford. I was not very fast at the time, since running was a new experience for me. I had to continuously take my inhaler before practice because of my asthma, and had lots of trouble breathing and keeping up with everybody during workouts.

COVID-19 and the Sports Community

It has been many months now and we still continue to follow COVID-19 and all the challenges it has to offer. As of May 6, there have been updates around CT about the coronavirus cases. In Hartford County, the cases currently sit at 6,530, 513 cases in Tolland, 742 in Middlesex, 242 in Windham, 704 in New London, 1,085 in Litchfield, 8,410 in New Haven, and Fairfield County comes in at 12,455 with the most cases in the state.

Quinnipiac University Virtual 5k

While many communities around the globe are struggling to find ways for people to connect virtually during this pandemic, one nearby university seems to have succeeded. According to WFSB, Quinnipiac University has found a way for many of its students to connect through an online virtual 5K. Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT, famously holds its annual 5k every year in April, as a way to bring students and participants of many ages together with an enjoyable outdoor event for the community.

Tips on How to be Upstanding Customers

With the coronavirus still being highly prevalent within the U.S., despite the uplifting influence of the warmer summertime weather, many institutions are remaining closed or are having limited contact with the public for the time being. Many states across the country have now been in statewide lockdowns for over a month and for some people, the mandate to halt many business’s operations for this period has been too much to bear.

Best Ice-Cream Spots in Connecticut

Summer is approaching fast, which means it’s ice cream season. If you’re looking for a fun little adventure, consider checking out the best ice cream spots in Connecticut. Here’s a look at top sweet spots that offer outstanding and delicious flavors.

Carole Baskin Needs to Be Held Accountable

Carole Baskin is well known from the new Netflix series, “Tiger King.” The entire internet is going crazy, making memes and accusations that she killed her husband, Don and fed him to her tigers. Although, with all of this coverage no one is discussing the truth about her animal “sanctuary” Big Cat Rescue. The truth is, she is no better than Joe Exotic regarding the exploitation of exotic animals.

Best Series to Get You Through Quarantine

“On My Block”- Four high school friends Monse, Cesar, Ruby, and Jamal are from an inner city in Los Angeles trying to have as normal a life as possible. Their city has two gangs, the Prophets and the Santos which have been in a feud for years. They try to help get Cesar out of the gang, but end up getting wrapped up in it along the way.