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Riverdale: Who Killed Jason Blossom?

By Karena Ardaji

The CW has a new show called Riverdale, which airs Thursday nights at 9 pm. For those of who have never seen or heard about it, I highly recommend it. It continuously brings in thousands of viewers every week, and has a diverse audience, ranging from parents to teenagers. It also get’s the #1 trending spot on Twitter. The show is very loosely based on the Archie Comics, but Riverdale has taken on a darker, noir type feel to it considering the premise of the first season is the mysterious disappearance of high school student Jason Blossom. It was reported that Jason drowned, but he was later found washed up on the Sweetwater River’s shore with a bullet hole in his head. As the plot thickens, the biggest question waiting to be answered is who killed Jason Blossom? Listed below are my top theories on who killed Jason Blossom.

#1. Mr. and Mrs. Cooper portrayed by Lochlyn Munro and Mädchen Amick

That’s right folks as of right now Betty’s mama and papa are my prime suspects. I lumped these two together because no matter how dysfunctional they are, they aren’t the type of people to rat on each other. Why do I, and many others, think they killed Jason Blossom? They have a vendetta, which stems from a long standing feud with the blossom family. A vendetta is usually a reason to kill in most television shows and in real life. Let’s just say they also had a grudge with Jason because they were not happy when they found out he got their daughter pregnant and proposed to her. Mrs. Cooper is also seen in the morgue paying off the mortician while standing over Jason’s body. Looks suspicious to me!

#2 Ms. Geraldine Grundy portrayed by Sara Habel

Ms. Grundy the music teacher has skeeved me out since day one of her short-lived time in Riverdale. Here’s why I suspect her. She had sexual relations with her student Archie Andrews, fully knowing that he enrolled at Riverdale High. Her background is also a complete mystery. Nobody knows where she came from; she just popped up in Riverdale out of the blue. When confronted about her past by Archie, she explained that she was hiding from an abusive ex. But most viewers believe that her story is a lie in order to keep Archie in her corner. She did a private study with none other than Jason Blossom. Since she has already gone after one of her students inappropriately, maybe she and Jason had a fling and it turned into a fatal attraction scenario. On top of that, Betty and Veronica, Archie’s friends, found a gun in her car, prompting speculation amongst viewers that she was involved. There are too many suspicious coincidences for me not to think she is guilty.

  1. Cheryl Blossom portrayed by Madelaine Petsch

Yes that’s right, I am suspecting a Blossom and not just any Blossom, it’s Jason’s twin sister. Cheryl is the head mean girl and cheerleader at Riverdale High. I suspect her because she was the last person to see Jason alive. Viewers have also noticed an inkling of obsession towards her brother. Her stories don’t add up Cheryl’s initial story was that she and her brother were canoeing when Jason fell overboard and drowned. It was later revealed to us that she successfully rowed Jason across the river and rowed back on her own. She lied about too many things. Why was she found sitting on the rocks of the river’s edge soaked, cold, and distraught if she rowed Jason to the other side? Why did she make up the whole story of the drowning? Did she know everything there was to know about Jason? Is she protecting her brother? Do I think she physically killed Jason? No, but I do think her decisions and secret keeping played a hand in his death. It also might be keeping the real murderer masked.

There are so many questions left unanswered at the moment. It has been revealed to us by members of the cast that Jason Blossom’s killer will be revealed by the end of the season. Could it be some of these characters listed above? Or is it someone we haven’t met yet? As for now these are my top three theories. Catch Riverdale and The CW app or continue watching the story unfold Thursday nights at 9!

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