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Everything You Need to Know About Television’s Most Talked About New Ship

By Karena Ardaji

“Beronica” /

Viewers are falling head over heels in love with Television ‘s new friendship. “Beronica” is the ship name for the powerful best friend duo of Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. Do those names sound familiar to you? They should because these characters are from the iconic Archie Comics. It just so happens the comics were adapted into a mega amazing show called Riverdale which airs Thursday nights at 9pm on The CW. Everyone is buzzing about these two and they have good reason too.


These girls are incredibly powerful together and apart.

Obviously viewers love seeing these two share the screen together, but it’s important to know that these characters stand alone just as well as they do together. They always stand up for themselves and the people they love. In Episode 3: “Body Double”, Betty and Veronica took on the topic of slut shaming when they found out the football team was keeping score and rating the girls they have been with. This was a really important episode because it showed the effects slut shaming has on girls. It strikes a chord with viewers and it shows how powerful female friendships can be!


Their strong bond continuously prevails amongst the drama that is high school.

Betty and Veronica are two halves of a love triangle, which includes none other than Archie Andrews. Yes guys there is a love triangle, you can’t have a teen drama without one right? But this, my friends, is not your typical catty rivalry of who gets the boy. In fact, the love triangle does not take center stage on the show. It’s there but it’s quiet and the relationship between the two girls remains solid and supportive. They aren’t constantly trying to tear each other down. Which brings me to my next point.


They are a breath of fresh air.

Haven’t we seen way too many destructive love triangles in the past? These two amazing female characters are getting dubbed the new Serena and Blair of television, but I think they are something completely different. Am I secretly rooting for one of the girls to end up with Archie? The answer is yes, but not in the way where I dislike the other girl. The ship wars have been raging on social media as fans are picking their favorite “ships”. There are plenty more “ships” on this show other than “Beronica” that are blowing up as well. But I think this one is important to acknowledge, especially since it involves two strong female characters. I have done some digging on social media and many viewers are dying to see this friendship continue to develop. Riverdale was renewed for a Season 2 and I can’t wait to see what antics B&V get up to.

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