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Powerful Female Characters

By Karena Ardaji

When it comes to television shows I don’t think strong female characters are given enough credit. In fact there aren’t many show’s that highlight strong female characters. Most television shows are too focused on male characters, action, and romance, while the female characters tend to get shoved down on the priority list. So here are some of the strongest female characters that everyone should know about

Veronica Mars is a show that aired on The CW from 2004-2007. It centered on teenage private investigator Veronica Mars. Now I know you might be thinking about how old this show is. Trust me I am bringing it up for a very good reason. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this show let me introduce you.  Veronica Mars used to be part of the ultra popular squad until the murder of her best friend Lily. When Veronica’s sheriff father tried to pin the murder on one of the Lily’s family members, the town didn’t side with him, and he lost his job and house, but Veronica chose to side with her father. As her foundation started to crumble, not only did she loose her best friend; the rest of her friends also socially ostracized Veronica. Veronica became a stronger and better person because of this. She didn’t care what people though of her, or her old friend group. Veronica is an example for everyone that it’s ok not to fit in, and that other people’s opionions shouldn’t matter.

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore undoubtedly deserve to be on this list. Come on, it wouldn’t be a complete list without these two am I right? Gilmore Girls graced television screens from 2000-2007. They quickly became the best mother-daughter duo around. Lorelai had her daughter Rory at 16 years old and she left her overbearing home to create a new life with her daughter. Lorelai raised Rory on her own in the quaint town of Stars Hollow, gaining her independence at a young age. She was brave and made sure that Rory grew up safe and loved, benefitting from every decision her mother made. Rory grew up to be incredibly humble, kind, and extremely intelligent. These two went through everything together: love, heartbreak, even confusion. Whenever they fought it didn’t last more than a day. Time and time gain they showed that all they needed was each other. Their love and quick wit captured the hearts of viewers. Even 17 years after the show first aired they are still beloved. The show even got a Netflix revival and last year and they once again proved how strong they were apart and together. The Gilmore Girls are the best of the best.

Callie Jacob’s from The Fosters also makes the list. Callie grew up in the foster care system due to the death her mother and the imprisonment of her father. Being in the system gave her a hard life bouncing from one bad home to another. Callie was put in Juvie because she was protecting her younger brother Jude. When Callie was in another foster home, her foster brother sexually assaulted her. When Callie spoke up about it she was not believed and she was kicked out of the house. Callie finally catches a break when Stef and Lena, a loving couple, foster her and Jude in their loving home.  Due to her unstable life, Callie often feels as though she isn’t good enough and that she doesn’t deserve love. Even though Callie is safe in her new home, her past continues to follow her. The strongest thing about Callie is that she doesn’t try to hide her past and her struggles. She wears everything that has happened to her on her sleeve. She refuses to be a just another file in the system. Callie is on list because she has inspired thousands of young girls not to give up hope.

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