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Deluxe Edition of “California” Will Have New Songs

By Jake Insinna

Pop-punk band Blink-182 recently released two new songs from their upcoming release California: Deluxe Edition. The release will consist of 11 new songs on top of the 16 on the base album. In an interview, drummer Travis Barker stated, “we [messed] up and accidentally wrote a new album” (Alternative Press). However, being that they are contractually obligated to promote their latest album California for the next year, they decided to release the music under the guise of it being a premium version of the base album. Expected full release is May 19, 2017. The band, however, has already released two new tracks, and plan on a third. The two songs released are titled “Parking Lot” and “Misery”.

“Parking Lot”, the first of the two releases, was released in mid-March. The song opens with heavy, chugging, distorted guitar and crashing drums. From there the song moves into a catchy riff that calls back to an older era of the band. This was the first song released to be mostly sung by guitarist/vocalist Matt Skiba. On the base version of California almost every song is split 50/50 between bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus and Skiba. This move to more Skiba-centric songs has been well-received by the fan base and has been taken with open arms. However, the song has its drawbacks. While the song is good and catchy like a Blink-182 song should be, it is missing that lighter tone that the band is known for. The chord progression, and the vocal melody all have a darker tone to them. While this isn’t a bad thing inherently, it simply moves away from the classic Blink-182 sound.

“Misery” opens much softer with a clean, light, and simple guitar riff and a somber, somewhat melancholic verse by Mark Hoppus. However, it isn’t long before Matt Skiba comes in with a booming and anthemic chorus. This song sounds like how Blink-182 should. The writing is some of the best that they’ve done in a long time and the song isn’t plagued by unnecessary “woah’s” and “na-na’s” that nearly all of California is. The song is fast, upbeat, catchy, and energetic, but with more mature lyrics. The song calls back to the 2003 self-titled release in terms of energy and Mark Hoppus’ side project +44 also comes to mind. This is a great summer song with its booming chorus. This is a song to blast with the windows down on a hot summer day.

With these two releases, it is clear the songs will closely resemble the rest of California in tone, but hopefully with more action from Skiba and some better, more meaningful, lyrics. This is a release to look out for, as it is sure to have some gems on it, foreseen by “Misery”. At least one joke song is confirmed under the title “Can’t Get You More Pregnant”, which is speculated to be the next song released before the full album drops. Keep an eye out for this one. It just  might be the second hit release by Blink-182 in under a year


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