Tony Romo Hangs It Up

By Ibrahim Jibrell

Tony Romo started as an undrafted rookie and turned into a true franchise quarterback in the span of a few seasons.  His storied career ended Tuesday when the 36-year-old retired to pursue a broadcasting career. In the eyes of most Tony Romo is an elite quarterback, great leader, and a person who never gave up when all seemed lost. However, he gets a bad reputation because of how he shrinks under pressure. Contrary to popular belief, he was one of the most clutch quarterbacks in the NFL. According to USA today, From 2006-2014, Tony Romo led all NFL QBs in 4th Quarter Comebacks (23) and Game-Winning Drives (27). By the numbers, he was a huge asset to his Dallas Cowboys in the clutch, elevating his game to all time great levels when his team needed it the most. He had the eighth lowest 4th quarter/OT interception percentage through 2004-2014. Tony Romo’s interception percentage in those crucial situations were actually lower than Joe Flacco, Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers. Romo also owned the best 4th quarter/OT passer rating. 2014 was the best year that Romo had as a pro, leading his Cowboys to the playoffs while posting a quarterback rating of over 100. The 2014 season was also the best chance for him to that elusive championship that many great players failed to capture; the Cowboys were a questionable referee call away from perhaps winning a Super Bowl. Yes, Romo could not win a super bowl but he shouldn’t be looked as having a disappointing career. Tony Romo was from a small school who went undrafted and turned himself into one of the league’s better quarterbacks for a decade. I will be the first to admit he is not an all-time great but he wasn’t a choker or a loser. He was a great quarterback who wasn’t able to win a super bowl; he may be just as good as a broadcaster as he was at quarterback.

The NFL was not the only place where Romo was being honored, the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA also decided to show the hometown athlete some love.  If Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban had his way, Tony Romo would not only have dressed for Tuesday night’s game against the Denver Nuggets, he would have found his way into the game.  When he approached NBA commissioner Adam Silver with the idea, Cuban said, “I told him what I was going to do and said, ‘Fine me if you don’t like it. ‘”Silver told Cuban the contract would not be honored, which killed the idea but did not stop the Mavericks from honoring the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback with a special introduction before the game.

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