What it Means To Be with Sigma Tau Delta

By Kyle Hottin

To some, the word “Sigma” may sound familiar, but maybe not to others. Besides being the eighteenth letter of the Greek alphabet, it’s also the first word in the name of Eastern’s English honors society: Sigma Tau Delta. Sigma, from my own experience, has always seemed like an honors society that has managed to put its best foot forward not for the sake of itself, but for others on campus as well. Now, this is not an article that has the sole intention of convincing an entire university that this honors society is “beautiful” or the “best thing since sliced bread”. Instead, this is a recommendation piece for a group that you can be a part of, whether you’re in the English field or not.

As to those who may be curious with why I named the article the way it is, the reason lies within what the group manages to bring about: a sense of unity and belonging. But looking beyond this cliché concept, Sigma really does tend to orient itself to host activities that can help entertain and show support to the Eastern community throughout all majors. Though the events are influenced by literature, the honor society tries its best to merge with the interests of the public. For instance, we recently held another Book Swap, which is an event where people can trade old books or buy what’s available for great deals. Once the stand was set up, many people would turn their heads back to see what was up for grabs. As for the people who were curious enough to come by, they were enthralled by the concept and the feelings that they felt during that time. One in a few patrons would participate, but everyone was always expressed their interest in reading, whether it be a part of their routine or a hobby they wanted to get back into. No matter where they stood, everyone was welcome to come by and be a part of something.

But of course, Sigma doesn’t hold these events for the sake of making money. In fact, the funding that is made is used to fund future events. We’ve held late-night study sessions hinted with a bit of relaxation and snacking, Harry Potter night, trivia nights, and a mentee program where new English major students can get help and assistance from upper-class students. Even though a variety of events are produced, there is still a sense of students just trying to have fun with other students. I may appear to have a personal bias since I am the current secretary, but I would like to voice an honest suggestion: take part in any of these events if you get the chance because it’s one of the simplest ways to become a part of something special, and ultimately, something worthwhile.

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