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‘Love, Simon’ is a Triumph

Ruth Gowitzke   Staff Writer

Love, Simon” is a romantic comedy and drama about a high school student named Simon who is struggling with whether or not he should  come out to his friends and family. He wants his own love story. This movie came out March 16, 2018 and has made a mark on those who feel the same way about their sexuality and those who are in support of the LGBTQ+ community. It also received a high score of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes.  “Love, Simon” is a masterpiece of what love truly is.



Throughout the movie, we see Simon trying to navigate high school without revealing who he really is for the fear he will be judged harshly. Simon desires to find someone who is the same as him. Someone who wants love in the same way he wants love. This movie encapsulates how others like him can struggle with who they are and who they want to be with. There are plenty of heartbreaking and heartwarming moments that remind us that we are all human and should all be loved regardless of who we want to love. There are also moments where the audience can laugh out loud and relate to the various quirky characters that are presented in the film. “Love, Simon” shows that there are no bounds to what love can be.

This film is important for anyone to watch because it shines a light on struggles that the LGBTQ+ community is faces. There are still people that look at this community as if they are odd or don’t fit in and that is not true. Everyone should be loved in any situation, especially in school where everyone is judged. No one should scorn or mock or gossip about anyone who identifies themselves as a member of this community. People have the right to identify anyway they want to and that should not be stripped away by people who don’t feel that way. Love is stronger than hate. Love is what brings us together and makes us all human.

Overall, “Love, Simon” was a fantastic film that paved a path for more films that could represent this community as strongly as this film did. There should be no bounds to the stories that people can tell about their own love and the love that they feel for others, regardless of their preferences. “Love, Simon,” takes a fresh look on love and what it means to love someone and what it means to love who you are.

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