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Season Two of ‘Jessica Jones’ is a Spectacular Origin Story

Vincent Knox   A&E Editor

“Jessica Jones” season two recently aired, making it the 8th season of a Marvel Netflix Original to air on Netflix. Those who follow these shows are aware that they are all interconnected in varied ways, adding fun Easter eggs for the viewers to find. There is even an eight episode special, which brings all four of the main protagonists and anti-heroes together in “The Defenders”. Jessica Jones’ second season takes place sometime after this crossover event, and she is now somewhat known for her powers. There will be spoilers from this point on. Since I first watched season one of Jessica Jones, I knew she would be my favorite out of the group. Five minutes into the very first episode I realized how much I liked and enjoyed the character and I found myself hooked by the end of the same episode. I continued watching her character struggle with her past and present, deal with things many typical heroes do not (such as P.T.S.D.), and face a villain who had all the power in the world. However, he would not use it to kill her, but would instead kill everyone around her. It was so interesting to watch a villain as powerful as Kilgrave (who commanded the power to force anyone to do anything just by telling them to do so) first refuse to use his powers on her, but to also go as far as to try and convince her that he loved her, even after being the cause of her P.T.S.D. and the reason she drinks constantly. The dark precedent this show set by having its main character forced to scrutinize all those around her made the show unique because anyone could be working for Kilgrave and she wouldn’t know it until it was too late.
Season one ends, in spectacular fashion, with Jessica defeating her nemesis and returning to her everyday life as a private investigator. Season two begins with Jessica taking cases in her home office, Alias Investigations. She has been trying to put the Kilgrave incident behind her and also avoid the stigma that comes with having superpowers. She does not want to be special; she simply wants to live her life normally.

As she is going through potential clients, one man claims to be being chased and hunted by someone. Though she does not believe him, this turns out to be true, and she is thrust into investigating more after her close friend and adoptive sister, Trish, convinces her that it might help her move on. This is because the people the man was claiming to be hunted by are the same people who experimented on Jessica after the car crash that took her entire family from her. These experiments are also said to be what gave Jessica her powers, though she has memory loss of the time she was in their possession. This sets the premise for season two, making it more of an origin story and expanding more on the clues and questions left in season one.
The villain in this season is starts off as the organization and then shifts to whomever it is chasing those trying to expose the organization. Through many plot twists and turns, the people you see as enemies become something close to victims, friends turn into suspects, and everything you know crumbles in order to reveal the harsh truth. The people you trust the most can be the ones that hurt you the most.
The climax of this season puts nearly all others in this franchise to shame and I don’t say this only because Jessica Jones is my favorite of the Marvel shows. I say it because while she is strong, she is also vulnerable. She fights against herself just to make it through the days, and as soon as she tries to open up to the people around her, they turn out to not be whom she thought they were. She tries to push people away in order to distance them from her problems, but someone always gets hurt in the end. Through all of her hardships, Jessica proves that she is in fact the one thing she does not want to be seen as: A hero.

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