Student Spotlight: Student Workers at Eastern

Johana Vazquez and Jennifer Zuniga   Staff Writers

The end of the year is quickly approaching. With registration already at hand, it is time to think ahead to the next fall semester. Are you planning on having an on campus job next semester? If so, we highly recommend that you to look around yourself for choices that may spark your interest. Earning some extra money to help pay off the harsh burdens of college is not a bad idea. Then again, there are a lot of different options. We took the time to interview a few student workers and ask them about their work life. We asked them about their job description, favorite memory/experience, and advice they had to offer for anyone looking for an on campus job. We hope this will give you further insight on what kinds of opportunities are open to you. This is what we heard back:

Alexis Sylvester is a junior with a major in Early Childhood Education and Psychology and she works at the Circulation Desk in the Library. “My job duties include helping people find books, re-shelving the books, answering phone calls, and checking materials in and out. There’s many memories that I have experienced and can’t really figure out what is my favorite. For example, there was a time where I got filmed for a project and it aired on television. Also, one person called to ask about a book and the library didn’t have it, so we told that person that we didn’t have it. After that, they continued to call and ask for the book multiple times. Haha! Overall, I love my coworkers and the people who I’ve met while working here. I like having the opportunity to get my homework done while I am here. Advice that I would give a student who is trying to look for an on campus job is that there is to use the link on Eastern’s website, through which you can apply. Most of the jobs are hard to get if you are not doing work-study. However, once you get the job, they are very flexible with your schedule.”
Jackson Toomey is a sophomore with a major in Communication and is a Peer Advisor. “I spend a lot of time working with freshman and transfers. I also help upperclassmen with their class schedules. My favorite experience is working during the summertime in which I help out with SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising, & Registration). I love helping students with their class schedules and answering questions that they may have. It feels good to give people a sense of direction. At my job, I’ve met pretty cool people. Because of the atmosphere, I have fun working here. If you want an on campus job, I would try to look at something you think you will enjoy because when you like doing what you are doing, time will pass faster.”
Nyimah Jackson is a junior with a major in Communication and is a Writing Tutor. “My job at the Writing Center allows me to assist students in their writing whether it’s essays, take home exams, poems, resumes, etc. The papers do not even have to be for English classes; we help work on anything that involves writing. This one time a girl came in and she had to do an analysis of her favorite songs. She chose a song by Justin Bieber, and she was super excited. She told me all about his life as we worked on it,” Jackson chuckles, “It was really cute. She ended up getting an ‘A.’ It felt good to know I had helped her get the grade. I love reading everybody’s pages and their different point of views. I’m actually learning new things every time I help someone with a paper for history or science classes I know I’ll never take. I would advise those looking to get jobs to talk to your teachers or advisors. One of my previous teachers recommended me to work here. My teacher thought I had the writing skills to do it even when I did not. Talk to friends so they can put in a good word for you. It’s all about making connections.”
Jackson DeLaney is a freshman with a major in Political Science and Communication and works as a Student Center Assistant. “I work in the information desk. I answer and transfer phone calls. I answer questions for people, set up rooms for clubs, and sell concert tickets. I also sometimes run the gym and swipe people in and out. My best memory working here was probably during class registration last semester when I had to deal with confused parents and students. I enjoy getting to work with everyone in the student center and meeting great people I can be friends with out of work. My advice to you would be to try to establish connections that can hook you up with a job, and you should make connections with the people you end up working with.”

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