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Elizabeth Esty will not seek re-election

Elizabeth Esty, democratic representative of Connecticut’s 5th District, will not be seeking re-election after calls for her resignation. Esty was criticized for failing to immediately fire her chief of staff, Tony Baker after he harassed former staffer Anna Kain. Esty signed a nondisclosure agreement with Baker, upon leaving Baker received a reference letter and $5,000 in severance.

Esty has since apologized for her failure to protect Kain. In a statement to CNN, Esty said “For those who have asked I want to be clear I am not resigning. I have important work to do in Congress including building on the lessons of this horrible series of events.”

Facebook sends Cambridge Analytica warning to users

Every Facebook user is being sent one of two privacy notices based on whether or not their information was involved in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The first states that Facebook is making it easier for user to control which apps they share their information with, while the second discusses Facebook’s ban of the website “This Is Your Digital Life” and use of information by Cambridge Analytica.

If your information was used by Cambridge Analytica, you will receive the second notice. Facebook has also suspended Cubeyou, another data analytics firm, after it was discovered Cubeyou was using tactics similar to Cambridge Analytica. Cubeyou denies deception and is under investigation.


India uses biometrics to track residents

India has recently built a nationwide identification system, called Aadhaar, which scans the fingerprints, eyes, and faces of residents. The program is being used for a variety reasons – from public to private welfare systems or buying a phone SIM card. The program is an attempt to create universal identifications for people who do not have widely accepted identification documents and to weed out any “ghosts” in government beneficiary systems. Critics, however, view the system as an invasion of Indian’s fundamental right to privacy.

Deliberate truck driver crash in Muenster, Germany kills two

Two people are dead and 20 injured after a man drove his truck into a crowd outside the Grosser Kiepenkerl eatery, a popular tourist destination in Muenster, Germany. The driver immediately shot and killed himself. Though the incident is being compared to the Berlin attack in 2016, the driver appears to have acted alone and had mental health problems, according to the regional interior minister.

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