The Importance of the DiversAbility Club

Samantha Carman   Staff Writer

Eastern has over 90 different clubs and student organizations.  The clubs at Eastern are a great way for students to get involved, and also for them to find a place where they belong. One club who works really hard to make sure students feel they belong is DiversAbility. DiversAbility is a club that is new to Eastern this year. Their mission is to “broaden the campus’ understanding of diversity in regards to people with disabilities.” It can be hard for students with disabilities of any degree to feel like they belong. As someone with severe anxiety, socializing can be pretty tough and having a club like this exist is so important. It provides a safe space where people who may not feel like they fit in because of a disability. Another thing that DiversAbility aims to do is make the Eastern campus a more accepting place for students with disabilities.

One thing that this club also does is, they work with the Office of Accessibility Services (OAS) for events. Occasionally, OAS students will be invited to events hosted by DiversAbility. By doing this, they are creating an even bigger space of acceptance for students with disabilities. I cannot stress enough how important clubs like this are. Friendships formed in clubs are some of the strongest friendships there are, because you get to form bonds with people like you. With the acceptance and understanding this club creates, I can see members forming important bonds.

I believe that DiversAbility is Eastern taking one step forward into bringing our community closer together. I hope that this is a club that lasts many years at Eastern and one that successfully completes its mission. In case you are interested in attending a DiversAbility meeting, they meet Wednesday’s at 7 p.m. in Student Center room 223. If you cannot attend their meetings this year, please be sure to look at for them at the club fair in the fall!

“I believe that DiversAbility is Eastern taking one step forward into bringing our community closer together.”

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