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Willistock Brings Enjoyable Music and Relaxation to Students

Jake Insinna   Staff Writer

On April 21, the WECS Radio Club put on their annual music festival, Willistock. The festival took place at the Fine Arts Instructional Center’s lawn. The festival featured 3 local bands, Dr. Martino, Nikita, and The Merks. There were raffles, yard games, free pizza from Pleasant Pizza, and free Hosmer Mountain soda. The event lasted from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. and free for all to come and enjoy the show.

When the first band, Dr. Martino, was playing, the crowd was very small, the pizza hadn’t arrived yet, and the sound left much to be desired. While the instruments sounded great, the vocals were muddled and very hard to understand and hear correctly. It was clear the band was frustrated with this. However, the band’s sound still came through. They had a beachy, pop-punk type of sound that is perfect for summer listening. The music was enjoyable to listen to once the sound problems were looked past.

By the time Nikita was on, the pizza had arrived along with freezy pops, and much of the sound issues had been sorted out. Along with this was a larger crowd. There were people playing yard games and a solid group of people sitting on the lawn listening to the band play. Nikita’s set was the peak of the event. There were maybe 50 to 75 people there at this point. Nikita had a cool funk-rock kind of sound. They had a keyboardist along with the normal assets a band would have. They played a good number of songs and the crowd seemed to enjoy them. After they played, the first round of raffle winners was announced.
When The Merks were on, a lot of the crowd had dispersed, which was a shame because they sounded great. They were a classic kind of alternative rock band and were great with the crowd. Unlike the other two bands, they talked a lot between songs. They had a tight sound and were very put together. The people that were left seemed to really enjoy them. After they played, the last of the raffle winners were announced.
This was a very worth-while event to go to. It was free, it was a nice day outside, there were yard games, music, and free food and drinks. Willistock is always one of the better events put on during the school year and it was unfortunately rained out last year. It seemed to have a welcome return with good bands and a solid crowd. Although the beginning was a little rocky, it turned out to be a very successful event, one that hopefully returns next year.

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