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ColdCock Cafe Displays Many Talented Eastern Students

Ruth Gowtizke   Staff Writer

ColdCock Café is a play written by Matt Bessette and Patrick Loller. It was directed by Sam Boushee. Matt Bessette is a junior with a double major in English and theater and has various other scripts he has written. Patrick Loller, on the other hand, is a two-time Eastern attendee (he dropped out twice, first for the army, and second to make jokes about it). Sam Boushee is a senior majoring in theater. This play took place in the DelMonte Bernstein Studio Theatre in the Fine Arts Instructional Center on April 20 and April 21, both at 7 p.m. It featured a unique cast of characters that left the audience roaring with laughter from start to finish, though the play did have its more serious moments. The basic premise of this production was that Dana Green, played Hanna Zammarieh, is running a coffee shop by herself and finds herself trapped inside with a group of her peers who are “annoying enough in small doses.” Each character, over time, reveals their true nature as they try to ride out the storm.

Before the show began, I asked freshman Mackenzie Gitcendanner why she decided to come to the show. She said, “It’s a drama society production and I am participating in drama society this year. Also, a lot of my friends are participating in this show.” I am glad that she was not the only one who decided to come because this play was fantastic.
One of my favorite moments, was when Justin, played by Jake Buckley, wanted to avoid another character named Becky. Becky was characterized as a complete snob who felt satisfaction in causing others trouble. She was played by Alexis Schacht who is a junior with a double major in theater with a concentration in acting and labor relations/human resource management. In this scene, Becky asks where another character named Justin is as he is coming from the bathroom, and he slowly backs away when he hears her. Justin’s performance was done by Jake Buckley.
Another great moment from the play was when Dana Green is serving customers and tries to make jokes about their orders. The customer, played by Sara Lafrance, asks for a coffee with cinnamon to which Dana replies, “trying to spice things up?”
Overall, ColdCock Café was a play where you could sit back and have a laugh.

“It featured a unique cast of characters that left the audience roaring with laughter”

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