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Eastern Clubs Host Warrior-Con Allowing Fun for Everyone

Eric Warner   Staff Writer

On April 21, the Student Center hosted the annual Warrior-Con event at Eastern. The first Warrior-Con was in 2016, according to the online Events Calendar, starting at 8:00 pm and ending at midnight. This year’s Warrior-Con started at 3:00 pm and ended at midnight to a great effect. Its long length allowed everybody to have fun with seemingly no end and everybody was able to try out all of the activities seen during the event.

The Battle Games Club, Comic Book Appreciation Club, Doctor Who Club, Harry Potter Club, and the Gamer’s Guild Club hosted Warrior-Con. The Battle Games Club held a session called How to Battle Games where they essentially taught people how to participate in their club’s activities. The Comic Book Appreciation Club held a jeopardy trivia game about comic books with a raffle for anybody who participated in a game. The Doctor Who Club held a Doctor Who escape room. The Harry Potter Club held a sorting hat quiz to find which house from Hogwarts you belong to and they gave away badges for your respective house as well as chocolate frogs (the non-magic variants for Muggles of course). The Gamer Guild held board game and video game sessions as well as Dungeons and Dragons oneshots.
There was an abundance of activities to do, so many that I wasn’t able to participate in them all! Nevertheless, it seemed everybody who participated in Warrior-Con had a fantastic time full of joy and laughter and had a fun time ending the event with a “Nerd After Party” (a dance/giant board game area). As a first-year student, I really enjoyed this event and would daresay that this was one of the most fun events I ever participated in at Eastern. Everybody had a great time and I look forward to the next Warrior-Con in 2019.

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