Eastern Not Alerted of Windham Lockdown

Sahil Saini   Contributing Writer

At approximately 8am on Tue. April 10, there was a disturbance in the Windham area where a man fired a weapon at another individual in a heated argument. By the time officers were able to arrive at the scene, the suspect had fled the area. In response to that, all Windham schools were placed on lockdown as a precaution for everyone’s safety, seeing how the suspect was still at large. Eastern Connecticut State University is in the Windham district and we were never informed of what was going on around us. This incident occurred just down the road from us. So, it’s obvious to see how close the suspect could have fled and the level of danger we could have been in. Not to mention we are an open campus where anyone could have entered, leaving us in danger due to the poor communication of our administration.

In an event of emergency, we as students expect our administration to inform us of any sort of threat we may encounter during our time at Eastern. In the past we’ve gotten tons of miscellaneous emails from our administration regarding tips on how to deal with stress, how to use our resources, and upcoming events which end up in our archives anyway. When there is a concerning situation, these emails are instantly sent straight to our mobile devices and brought to our attention. During the time the active shooter was around and Windham schools were placed on lockdown, students were walking outside on campus grounds, clueless as to what was going on around them. Why weren’t Eastern students alerted of this? Normally, the administration is very diligent about sending emails to students about important information. Did they think that this situation wasn’t vital for students to know?
This incident may not have been fatal, but these are the type of mistakes that can end tragically. We have a secure system, which allows our administration to get in touch with us and we expect them to use it, to ensure our safety at all costs. There is no excuse as to why there wasn’t a lockdown here and why we were put in danger when there were obvious precautions available.

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