Seniors End Their Chapter at Eastern

Johana Vazquez and Jennifer Zuniga   Staff Writers

May is just around the corner and there is only one thing on the mind of seniors: graduation. Graduating from high school is much different than graduating from college. After four years of hard work, time, effort, and dedication, the dream of completing their Bachelors Degree at Eastern is finally going to become a reality. Throughout the years, they have faced many tough challenge including late nights, early mornings, plenty of coffee cups, and tears. However, they have lived through so many delightful memories, made many friends, and learned so much about themselves. From what we heard from the seniors we interviewed, these four years are an opportunity for you to get a better understanding of who you are as a person, learn what your passions are, and make connections. As they make this huge step in their lives, many have figured out a career plan and some are still figuring it out. It can be nerve wracking to start a new chapter in your life, but it can also be exciting. As seniors say goodbye to Eastern, they are saying hello to new beginnings. We asked the following seniors what they were planning to do, how their year went, what has kept them motivated, and if they felt comfortable with the career-path they have chosen or if they just stuck with it.

Charlotte McDonald in an Education major. “My plan is to go to grad school. I will be attending Central for my Masters, and I have an internship at Southern at the Student Involvement office. Senior year was good. As the senior class president of CAB (Campus Activity Board), I oversaw and managed many events and it was an exciting year. I also kept busy working at a tavern in Ellington. I’m just ready to graduate. Getting my Masters in childhood development and staying involved has kept me motivated. I feel great about the major I pursued throughout Eastern.”

Lindsay Taldot is a Psychology major. “As of right now, I am looking into grad school to hopefully become a therapist. I loved my senior year. It was stressful, but it was fun, especially spending quality time with my other senior friends. Eastern has been great. What kept me motivated is graduating. My parents and friends have helped me a lot through it all, advising me to ‘keep going, keep going. You’ve made it this far!’ I, for sure, feel comfortable with the career path I’ve chosen. My professors and advisors have told me repeatedly that I am heading in the right direction, and that has kept me confident.”

Sam Fontinlus is an Accounting major. “I want to get my CPA (Certified Public Accountant) after graduation. Senior year was stressful. It is a lot of work, and it feels like everything is due at the end. Balancing an internship, full-time school, and keeping up with a social life was a challenge. My family has kept me motivated. I am a second-generation college student, so I have to live up to the expectation. I also really just want a better life for myself. I honestly love Accounting. I’ve been with it since freshman year, and it was the best decision. The internships and opportunities open to accounting majors are rewarding. It’s a major you don’t feel stuck with because it’s a stepping stone to go into different business areas you can choose from.”

Freddy Cruz is a Business Administration & Business Information System major. “I hope to find as job after graduation in IT (Information Technology). My senior year was amazing. I loved everything I was involved with: RA (Resident Assistant), OLAS (Organization of Latin American Student), and so many interesting classes. My motivation has been graduation and finally ending my college career. I feel very comfortable with my major. Technology is something I am interested in. I’m excited to eventually enter the field.”

Charlotte McDonald
Lindsay Taldot
Sam Fontinlus
Freddy Cruz

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