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2018: The Year of PlayStation

Eric Warner   Staff Writer

Last year, I wrote an article about the resurgence of success from Nintendo after the release of its newest video game console, the Nintendo Switch. While 2017 may have been the year of Nintendo, 2018 may be the most successful year of the Sony PlayStation console. The PlayStation 4 has been the best console of this generation for its entirety. With the debut failure of the XBox One, which still has not fully recovered, and the financial blunder of the WiiU, Sony was easily able to take the number one spot for this generation. However, the difficult part of being the most successful is not getting to that success, it is the ability to keep that position. Sony has been able to do so.

The best way to sell a console nowadays is its exclusive titles. People do not buy a Nintendo product to play “Call of Duty,” they buy a Nintendo product to play “Mario,” “Legend of Zelda,” and “Pokémon.” In a similar way, most people buy PlayStation for their exclusives, and this year Sony has been releasing a lot of stupendous games! A remake of one of PlayStation’s legacy titles, “Shadow of Colossus,” was released on Feb 6.  “God of War,” the newest installment in another of PlayStation’s legacy series, was released on April 20 to be of extraordinary success. “Detroit: Become Human” came out on May 25 to moderate success and “Spider-Man” has been recently released on Sep 7. All of these games will forever be exclusive to PlayStation consoles and are all eligible, save for the remake of “Shadow of Colossus,” to become game of the year for 2018.

“God of War” is probably the most probable to become game of the year since many critics have declared it as a near perfect masterpiece of a game and this is from the series that saw a man literally rip a god’s head off. Polygon, IGN, and Destructoid gave the game a 10/10 while The Guardian, USgamer, and Game Revolution gave the game a five-star rating. In fact, “God of War” was so successful that it became the fastest selling PS4 exclusive title with 3.1 million units sold within its first three days of release.

In addition, PlayStation has reached the superb milestone of having 500 million PlayStation systems sold this year. In response to this momentous occasion Sony has released a 500 million limited edition PS4 pro console.  According to the PlayStation website, “500 million PlayStation systems sold means 500 million adventures. It means 500 million journeys into the unknown, 500 million courageous stands against evil, 500 million memories of playing with family and friends. So cheers to 500 million more epic moments ahead! We couldn’t have done it without you!” With many great exclusive games and stories coming out in the future such as “The Last of Us Part II”, “Death Stranding,” and “Ghost of Tsushima,” I am confident that the PlayStation console will continue to be successful and deliver outstanding experiences.

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