Advertising: A Business and an Art

Mallory-Ann Davis   Contributing Writer

When we think of advertising, some people think of marketing and business, some think of the phrase, “advertising sells,” and other people think about the creative strategy that is behind every single advertisement ever created. Most people think of advertising as a business. People work in advertising to promote a product and create revenue. It is presumed that advertisements are just a scam to manipulate the public into buying something that they really do not need. The truth of the matter is the polar opposite, actually. When it comes to advertising, there is an endless amount of effort put into every campaign, TV commercial, and magazine advertisement to exist. Advertising is not based solely on creating business; there is a creative aspect to it, and that is what also qualifies it as art.

Generally, art is only thought to be creativity, colors, famous paintings, sculptures, movies, music, and so much more. Somewhere on this spectrum, advertising fits in. McLuhan thinks that advertising will be the longest lasting art form in the United States. It has been proven that advertisements that look visually appealing tend to attract more attention from the public. Not only is that an art in itself, but figuring out the strategy and how to communicate an advertising campaign to a mass audience most definitely qualifies as a form of art.

“The amount of creative strategy that goes into every advertisement is what makes advertising both a business and an art.”

To further iterate how strong of an art form advertising is, it is important to mention the Clio Awards. Just like movies have the Academy Awards and music has the Grammy’s, advertising has the Clio Awards. They are given out to recognize the excellence and hard work put into an advertisement or an advertising campaign. What’s interesting about the Clio Awards is that the Clio’s are celebrated worldwide, with many of the nominations for the awards coming from the United States. Advertising, and the art put into it, should be celebrated. To have such a prestigious award for the subject of advertising surely goes to show that it goes far beyond being just a business.

Is advertising a business? Yes. Is it a form of art? Also, yes. The amount of creative strategy that goes into every advertisement is what makes advertising both a business and an art.

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