New Semester, New Communication Building

Sahireliz N. Rios Bravo   Staff Writer

The sun is out and the waves of students are back from summer vacation. It’s the fall semester of 2018 and Eastern Connecticut State University is welcoming the year with a newly renovated Communication building. The months of traveling to numerous buildings in order to take your Communication classes are finally over. We are welcomed with brand new equipment for the TV studio and the WECS Eastern radio station followed by an amazing atmosphere that can motivate just about anyone to get up for those early morning classes.

In all honesty, students could not be more excited for the new facility and the diverse style of classrooms that are available. The colors in the building are vibrant and calming while each classroom even has the fancy set of lighting that can be adjusted frequently. I believe it’s also good to mention the fact that Eastern decided to close the walking area and make it a common area for the students. As it turns out, it’s a great hit! Despite the fact the weather is really nice outside, students are taking full advantage of their new area to study and chill.

“Despite the fact the weather is really nice outside, students are taking full advantage of their new area to study and chill.”

Even though we are immensely happy with the changes in the Communication building, there are still a couple of things I noticed that could be improved. For example, the handicap bathrooms do not have a button for the door to open which kind of defeats the purpose of having one to begin with. Also, most of the side walk being blocked/closed due to construction is kind of a hazard as well. I know it’s for the safety of the students and faculty, but it makes it more difficult to get to class on time. Not to mention, people with disabilities who can’t walk up and down stairs will have to take the long way around if they are headed to the north side of campus, since the sidewalk is closed, forcing us to walk down the Wood Service’s stairs.

With Eastern’s top achieving/ award winning scholars, time is something crucial. One of the biggest issues I also noticed was that parking has been cut down around  campus and now there is more traffic in the parking garages. Meaning that if you commute and are trying to get to school well before class starts, plan on adding an extra fifteen minutes just in case. Luckily, I noticed most of this traffic is in the morning. So, if your classes are in the afternoon, chances are there will be parking available.

Overall, it’s obvious that the Communication building renovation was necessary and came out beautiful. I cannot wait to see the result of the rest of the renovations Eastern has planned.

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