NFL SEASON PREVIEW: Texans Primed For Title

Matthew Evarts   Staff Writer

After a long offseason with many moves being made and players getting drafted, we have to look  at the teams that will likely improve the most on this offseason and transition into the season with high hopes of playoffs. Many new teams will be making the playoffs that were not in the 2018 playoffs. From the AFC, the Colts, Texans and Chargers are all going to be new faces in the AFC playoff picture. With those three teams making the playoffs, teams have to come out and those three teams will be the Chiefs, Jaguars and Titans. Many people have the Jaguars in Super bowl contention, but I do not. Coming off a 10-6 record in  2017 where the Texans and Colts faced each other twice, both without their team’s franchise quarterbacks. Now with those two phenomenal quarterbacks returning from injury, both teams overtake them in the standings. The Chargers will overtake the Chiefs as the leader in the AFC West. This is because the Chiefs lose both quarterback Alex Smith and cornerback Marcus Peters. The Chargers are coming off a 2017 season where they went 9-7 and only lost the division by 1 game. They will be better with 2017 first round pick, Mike Williams, who will be across from Keenan Allen and will open up the field for Phillip Rivers to spread the ball around.

“My super bowl prediction for the 2018 season will be the Houston Texans out of the AFC and the Philadelphia Eagles out of the NFC.”

Two more teams in the AFC that will do better this year than last year are the New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns. Both teams recieved a quarterback after years of getting let down by the signal caller. The Jets also picked up Cornerback Trumaine Johnson, which will make their secondary  much better and signed Wide receiver Terrelle Pryor. Quincy Enunwa coming back from injury gives the Jets a top-15 wide receiver group in the league. The Browns  have added a legitimate quarterback in Tyrod Taylor and they got two top 10 wide receivers in Josh Gordon and Jarvis Landry. Both of those teams will have 4 more wins than last year.

In the NFC there is only going to be one new team to make the playoffs: the Green Bay Packers. There are four words that I have to say that will show why the Green Bay Packers will make the playoffs: Aaron Rodgers IS BACK! In the 9 seasons that Aaron Rodgers has started they have only missed the playoffs 1 time and that was his first season under center. There are 2 teams that will vastly improve on their 2017 records but will not make the playoffs. First team is the New York Giants. Coming off a disappointing 2017 season where they went 3-13 and were the second pick in the NFL draft. They gained an all-pro offensive tackle Nate Solder and Running Back Saquan Barkley. They also get Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr back from injury.  The second team is the San Francisco 49ers. Jimmy Garoppolo is going to play a full season under center. In the 5 games he started last year he went 5-0. They hope to build on a 5-11 record with an above average quarterback.

My super bowl prediction for the 2018 season will be the Houston Texans out of the AFC and the Philadelphia Eagles out of the NFC. The Houston Texans will make the super bowl because they get quarterback Deshawn Watson and Wide Receiver Will Fuller V back from injury on offense and on defense they get back all-pro defensive end JJ Watt, returning from injury, and Safety, Tyrann Mathieu, who they received in free agency. Philadelphia will return to the super bowl for the second year in a row because quarterback Carson Wentz is returning from injury and an offensive line that was solid last year gets their best offensive lineman Jason Peters who missed the 2017 season due to injury.  Then, on defense, they get a boost by getting both Michael Bennet and Heloti Ngata from free agency. In the end, the Houston Texans will be retrieving their first super bowl trophy in the history of the franchise.

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