Another Unforgettable Trip to Boston

Jennifer Zuniga   Advertising Manager

As an out of state student, I try to take advantage of any opportunity that Eastern gives students to travel to states near Connecticut. Eastern planned a trip to Boston, Massachusetts for the Six Week Challenge on Sunday, Sept. 9, 2018. Originally it was only for first-year students and transfers, but there were still spaces available so it became opened to upperclassmen, as well. This was my fourth time going to Boston, but I was able to explore the city better than I had previously by trying a new dessert place, attending The Boston Arts Festival, admiring Boston Harbor, and realizing the importance of supporting local artists.

The first time that I went to Boston, I saw this food truck called “Cookie Monstah.” While walking around the area this time, my friends and I decided to give it a try. “Cookie Monstah” sells giant cookies and ice cream. What better way to enjoy this combination than ordering an ice cream sandwich? I got the dessert called the mudslide. It was made up of double chocolate cookies with coffee Oreo ice cream. It was delicious. I recommend trying this place if you ever go to Boston. You won’t regret it.

As we continued to explore, my friends and I came across an event called The Boston Arts Festival that was happening in Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park. This event showcased the visual and performing arts in Boston. There were craftspeople that shared jewelry, and sculpture. At this event, one is able to purchase any particular piece while simultaneously talking to the artists. Personally, I enjoyed going around the tables to see what things the artists had made. I took home a handmade bookmark that was designed by Claire Benjamin and a heart necklace made by Trish Kozub.

Boston Harbor, which is near Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park is a must for me every time that I go to Boston. Around this area, you are able to see boats, shoreline homes, and skyscrapers that are miles away. This area is great for pictures, so I always make sure to take a couple while I am there. Besides the breathtaking scenery, this place is perfect for you to just sit down with your friends and talk about life.

As I continued to walk around the area with my friends, we saw this man named Malku Vasquez who makes a living selling handmade bracelets that he makes on the streets. While looking around to see what I was going purchase, he made conversation with my friends and I. Through our talk, I was able to learn that he was from Ecuador. I ended up purchasing a few bracelets from him, but he ended up giving my friends and I some free ones as well. Through his humanity, kindness, and generosity, he left an everlasting mark on me. Besides attending The Boston Arts Festival, I was able to realize the importance of supporting local artists through the experience that I had with Malku. This made me realize that purchasing items made from local artists, you are able to support their work, but it also allows them to make a living doing what they love.

Every time that I go to Boston, I fall in love with the city all over again. I always seem to learn new things about the area and my experiences differ every time. On this particular day, I was able to try a new dessert place, attend The Boston Arts Festival, admire Boston Harbor, and learn a new perspective on life. I eagerly wait for the next opportunity that I can get to travel to Boston again.

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