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Club Spotlight: The Knit Wits

Ruth Gowitzke   Staff Writer

Eastern’s craft club, Knit Wits, is an awesome group on campus whose mission is to build a community in which students who are interesting in knitting, crocheting, or any other type of arts and crafts can learn from and create a positive relationship with one another. The Knit Wits Club encourages members to participate in arts and crafts for charity as well, and provide knitted goods to those in need.

If you are looking for a healthy and productive way to disconnect from the stresses of schoolwork and help those in need, you should definitely check out Knit Wits Club. You can meet with friends and have a good time making just about anything, from origami figures to learning how to knit.

At the start of the meetings, the executive board has a small group discussion and gives instructions on how to do the craft of the day. Then, club members can break out into their own groups to start doing the activity while members of the e-board are always available in case anyone needs assistance. There are different crafts every week that can range from knitting, to tie dying, to carving pumpkins for the holiday season. The best part is that you do not have to be experienced in knitting or crocheting. Members of the e-board can teach club members any skill and are always looking for other club members to share their own skills and ideas.

“If you are looking for a healthy and productive way to disconnect from school work, you should check out the Knit Wits Club.”

“I want this to be a place where people can come together and craft and learn,” said Ciera Tennis, President of Knit Wits. “Everyone brings something to the table, so we can all learn from each other!”

Yareli Lopez, a first year and a new member of the club shared why she decided to join the Knit Wits, “I like to knit and I like to do it with my friends.” Knit Wits strives to bring creativity to student’s lives as they venture through their academic year. If you want to join the club, Knit Wits would love to have you! You are welcome to come to their meetings at on Wednesdays in the Student Center, Room 221. If you cannot make the meeting times, that is no problem. They organize multiple socials throughout the semester that are open to all Eastern students. You can simply contact the e-board and ask to be on their email list so they can keep you updated on socials that you can attend. Their email is

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