Horoscopes of the Month

Chase Peterson   Contributing Writer

Aries: Self-motivating energy is one of your many keys to success. During this week, you will be tested on helping others see themselves as champions. Once Friday rolls around, be prepared because this begins a romantic month for you: lots of date nights, pleasure, and love.

Taurus: If you find yourself wishing your efforts had purpose, look no further because this week’s skies will help give you insight on how to have your dream career. When the weekend hits, you will have health and wellness in mind. Follow your instincts to accomplish those goals.

Gemini: A powerful realization will hit you this week that will lead you to a closure you need in order to embrace the present and the future. This weekend will inspire you to show your work, creativity and joy in a big way. Let your heart lead the way and pursue everything.

Cancer: This week will be the time for you to share your ideas with others that want to work with you. When the weekend comes along, you’ll get that longing for home. So, go off the grid and disconnect for the weekend. Take the time to relax and recharge.

Leo: This week you need to focus on finding the right balance between compassion and honesty when it comes to love. This weekend will kick off your glow-up this season. You aren’t just funny and charismatic, you’re brilliant too.

Virgo: Happy Birthday, Virgo! Time for you to figure out the balance between micro and macro. Should you be looking into the details or the big picture? This Friday will bring you strength in your financials. Your money will start to work for you and not the other way around.

Libra: This week will have you feeling inspired to speak up and listen. It’s time to follow your heart in the right direction whether it’s all about you or others. Libra Season starts this weekend, which means it’s your time to shine. And Happy early Birthday!

Scorpio: This week could be an emotional one, and you may find yourself wanted to unload your pain. Try talking it out to someone that’s a good neutral listener. This weekend starts the month of self-care, so be sure to take care of not only your physical health but mental too.

Sagittarius: This week will inspire your mediation skills and your power to help people connect even when they have differences. This Friday starts your most social year. This season will bring in friendship, joy, and nights out.

Capricorn: Happiness should definitely be a value of yours. This week will remind you that happiness is a decision you make in order to reward yourself from all your hard work. This weekend starts you most ambitious month and will help you receive the recognition you deserve.

Aquarius: This week will help you realize how to feel differently to experience differently. Allow yourself to change your mind or feelings. This weekend starts your travels. So, head off to all the different parts of the world to expand your horizons.

Pisces: Don’t forget to use your words because this week will help you focus on communicating openly. This Saturday is a transformative time of year for you, so go change what you’ve been dying to change. Whether it’s your hair or schedule, just do it.

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