How Eastern Has Changed Over the Years

Brooke Cochrane   Opinion Editor

I have been a student at Eastern Connecticut State University for over four years. I began during the summer of 2014 in a summer program called SPOA (Summer Proof of Ability). Throughout these years Eastern has grown tremendously. They’ve obtained new facilities, demolished old buildings, renovated classrooms, and so much more.

During my time in the summer of 2014, the courtyard that connects Webb Lawn was not yet completed. Once the fall semester began, the courtyard was completed and then the focus of construction was moved to the Fine Arts building. At that time, only the bones of the Fine Arts building had been built. No windows or walls, only the basic structure of the building. Now, as of fall 2018, the Fine Arts building is one of the most beautiful buildings on campus. It has a massive concert hall where all sorts of unique shows are performed. It also houses a stunning art gallery that displays all kinds of compositions such as paintings, sculptures, and even shadow art. There are so many great additions to the school that are located in the Fine Arts building.

Once the Fine Arts building was finished, Shafer Hall came down. Well, not physically. When I started at Eastern, one of my very first classes was in Shafer Hall. It had to be one of the worst classroom buildings on campus. It always felt muggy when you walked into the lobby, and the classrooms were no different. The concert hall there was large, but it was very dated. As of this semester, the construction crew has gutted the entire building. It also seems as if they’re redoing the parking lot outside of it as well. Rumor has it, Shafer is being renovated into a dining hall and a dorm building. Personally, I think it would be better if Eastern built a south campus parking garage, but a dining hall on the south side of campus is also essential.

Another building which just completed the process of renovations is the Communication building, which was old and definitely needed updating. There used to be a tunnel where the main lobby currently is. The stairs in the lobby used to be outside and the main doors used to be where the WECS radio station is going to be. The classrooms don’t feel as cramped and overall, the building looks striking compared to what it used to be. It was a much-needed renovation.

There are lot of things happening on campus so Eastern can maintain its reputation as one of the most beautiful campuses in Connecticut. As of this semester, the next big renovation seems to be Goddard, another classroom building that is attached to the Communication building. I know that having to maneuver around all of the construction is inconvenient right now. Eventually, it will be worth it. I know the end result of all of this construction on campus will definitely pay off, just as it has so far.

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