Kappa Sigma Obtains Charter

Jake Insinna   Staff Writer

Upsilon Nu Kappa Sigma, the Eastern unaffiliated fraternity, just became the 423rd chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. On Sept. 1, the members were all initiated and the group received their charter document that consists of the 58 names of the founding fathers. Over the last year, the group completed over 1800 hours of community service collectively, and put on events for the community, such as their Fall Festival that took place in Jilson Square.

The fraternity’s beginnings started as an idea from the current chapter’s founder, Gary Kozlowski, who recruited a group of 35 men through word of mouth. “While our idea to bring Greek life to the community came back in December of 2016, it was not until the start of the spring ‘17 semester that we were really able to take action and get the ball rolling,” said the chapter’s president Mark Ferrigno. In the spring ‘17 semester they had amassed almost 60 men and gained the status of “colony”, the stage before becoming an official chapter of the organization.

“I would say that the biggest struggle for us is being able to properly advertise ourselves throughout the Eastern community, as we are not under affiliation and we like to respect the schools policies,” explained Ferrigno. The fraternity had received cease and desist letters from the university in their beginnings, in protest to their formation back in 2016.

Being unable to properly advertise on campus means they cannot use campus space for fundraisers, events, or spread fliers on campus. Instead, they turned to other means such as Instagram, where they currently have more than 1600 followers.

“We have had success overcoming this through advertising and welcoming inquiries on our social media pages, as well as working with a couple different clubs to be more involved on campus and spread our name”, Ferrigno explained.

Ferrigno believes that Greek life brings a positive change to the university and surrounding community. “As the current president of the organization, Kappa Sigma means more to me than words can describe.” He went on to share his aspirations for Greek life at Eastern: “I truly hope that people can view us and realize that the negative stigma of fraternities isn’t all true, as we strive to make a positive difference, so that one day more, Greek life organizations could blossom here at Eastern, and continue to bring success and opportunity to students in the future.”

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