Give ‘Em Pumpkin to Talk About

Chase Peterson   Staff Writer

Autumn in New England is unlike any other season. It is full of beautiful and vibrantly colored leaves, apple picking is a must, and you can eat pumpkin flavored everything. All kinds of different fall activities come along with this great season. A lot of people will usually make a list of all these activities, and then check them off as they complete each one. If you are not this type of person, and do not know where to start when finding fun things to do this fall, then this article is a good opportunity you to start.

The first thing on the list should be apple picking, which is a great activity for family and friends of all ages. There is nothing better than biting into a crisp, juicy apple freshly picked from a tree. Another bonus to apple picking is the delicious apple cider that the orchards usually have available. Also, don’t forget about the crowd-favorite, apple cider doughnuts.

The next thing on the list should include all things pumpkin. Eat it, make it, buy it, smell it; just take advantage of the pumpkin season while it lasts. Make sure to go to all your local coffee shops so you can sip on hundreds of pumpkin spice lattes. Or, if you are feeling creative, try to find a new pumpkin recipe that interests and inspires you. A great example would be a pumpkin spice scone.

One last activity that should definitely make your list is pumpkin picking. With October now here, it is the perfect time to find a pumpkin patch and find the best one to carve for Halloween. One of the best fall activities is sitting around the kitchen with your friends and family scooping out all the pumpkin guts and seeds. Another bonus is the pumpkin seeds that come with it. All you have to do is throw some olive oil and salt on them and toss them in the oven, and you have the perfect snack.

There’s plenty more than could be added to this list, but this is a great start to help you create a list full of fun fall activities. I hope you complete them and have a great fall!

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