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Lil Baby: A Night to Remember

Malaysia Douglas   Staff Writer

On Sept. 29, 2018, 23 year-old trap artist Lil Baby made an appearance at Eastern Connecticut State University for the fall concert. Other than waiting almost two hours for him to appear, many say they enjoyed the ten minutes he performed. “Lil Baby is such a great performer,” said Jhinelle Dawson, a senior at Eastern. Opening the show was DJ RellyRell, who energized the crowd for the opening performer, hip-hop artist WifisFuneral.

Right before Wifisfuneral went on stage, something unexpected happened. A brawl broke out in the middle of the crowd and chaos broke out in the Geissler Gymnasium. Security ran to the scene, breaking up the fight and trying to get everything under control. Everyone’s position changed, being shoved left and right, but the concert still went on. The energy in the room was unmatched and it was almost as if the fight riled the crowd up and made everyone even more excited for the performers.

As WifisFuneral walked on stage, the audience seemed to die down a bit, not eager to hear his music since his music is not as popular. A few “boo’s” filled the room as they impatiently waited for who they had actually wanted to see, Lil Baby.
“He is not coming anymore,” said a girl in the crowd referring to the awaited. The lights in the gymnasium came on and everyone looked around confused. Uneasiness filled the room as many people left, including DJ Rellyrell. The lights stayed on for about ten minutes before a new DJ walked on the stage.

The lights went off and flashing beams of colorful lights flashed into the audience. “Are y’all ready to see Lil Baby?” said the DJ. The crowd roared back into excitement after hearing the news everyone was waiting for.

Lil Baby, dressed in all white with a shining gold chain around his neck came on stage going right into his first song as if he was trying to make up for the time lost. He sang his well-known hit featuring Drake, “Yes Indeed.” The single rose through the Billboard Top 100 chart right upon release in May 2018. He also performed, “Leaked,” “Freestyle,” “Southside,” “Drip too Hard,” “Sold Out Dates,” “My Dawg,” and a few other favorites. The room lit up with flashes from phones in the air as everyone jumped and sang the lyrics in unison. Lil Baby had made great—and brief—performance at Eastern.
Lil Baby’s voice has a shaky, strong Southern drawl and he raps in vivid detail, with incredible charisma about street life.

The Atlanta rapper is also the latest in a string of recent Drake endorsements. His career has seen a steady progression since his collaboration with not only Drake, but other trap super stars such as Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, Starlio, and Offset.

Eastern students were excited to have a performer of such notoriety at the University.

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