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Punk Band, With Confidence, Releases New Album

Brooke Cochrane   Opinion Editor

Punk-rock band, With Confidence released their newest album titled “Love and
Loathing” on Aug. 10 2018. Following their second album, titled “Better Weather,” which was released three years ago, “Love and Loathing” reveals a new side of the Australian based group. Covering the topics of mental health, relationships, and loss via punchy riffs and choruses, they have made a strong showing in the Australian charts.

The first song on the new album, which is also their first single, is titled “That Something.” The single is very upbeat, with an electric guitar accompanying the lead vocalist, Jayden Seeley, and his catchy lyrics. This song really gives a feel for what we should expect for the rest of the record. One of my favorite songs in this album is “Sing To Me.” This sweet melodic tune tells the story of a person begging their beloved, a girl named Emily, to sing to them. Up next is the second song the band released as a single, titled “Moving Boxes.” This song is about bottling up old memories about someone and moving onto something better and new. “The Turnaround” is the song that follows and it definitely sounds like a sequel to “Moving Boxes.” This song transmits reassuring words about how things will turn around and get better after hard times.

After “Moving Boxes,” the album changes its tone with “Jaded”, which starts off strong and bold, conveying a feeling much different than the feeling of moving on. In fact, it is almost the opposite. The next song, titled “Better”, pays a tribute to their previous album, “Better Weather”, by saying, “Now I stand in awful weather,” posting a tone as “Jaded.”
The song “Spinning,” which follows the previous song, takes the album to a new level. It introduces the next few songs as the melody slows down from the previous strong and upbeat tones while also reflecting on the hard lyrics in the songs before it. “Bruise” is the saddest song on the album by a long shot. This song tells the story of how the speaker feels after the loss of a loved one.  This song talks about emptiness, loneliness, and numbness inside while the speaking feels like they need to press on their bruise just to feel something else. It is very emotional and raw. “Pâquerette (Without Me)” is a lovely sounding song with a majority of it being the strumming of an acoustic guitar. However, continuing with the deeply emotional tone set by “Bruise,” this song is about letting go of someone you love.

The album again jumps to a more cheerful flavor with the song “Icarus.” This song is an allusion to the Greek mythological figure, Icarus, who flies too close to the sun, melts his wings of wax and feathers, and falls to the sea where he drowns. It is one of the more unique songs on the record based on this interesting reference. Next, “Dopamine,” named after the neurotransmitter, is a song about a person who loves someone so much that they are the only reason they are happy.

The final track on the album is “Tails.” This song evokes feelings of hopelessness and is about such an abrupt ending to the point where you feel as if you are chasing your own tail. At the very end of this song, the lead singer barely whispers, “I think love and loathing is all I’ve got. Sometimes I think it’s all I want.” This closing track tells of the ups and downs of life and how love eventually finds a way. It is a catchy track that directly connects with the album’s message. This was a great way to end the album, and gives more meaning to the title. “Love and Loathing” carries you through first loves, blistering breakups and everything in-between.

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