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Ella Mai Releases Her First Album

Malaysia Douglas   Staff Writer

London based R&B artist Ella Mai, known for her summer hit “Boo’d Up,” recently released a sixteen-track eponymous album, “Ella Mai,” on Oct. 12, 2018. Featured on her album are well known artists such as Chris Brown, John Legend, and H.E.R. She begins the album with a twelve second definition of the word emotion, setting the mood for the later songs in the album.

“Ella Mai” discusses the ups and downs of loving someone and the twisted yet sweet emotions of love itself. The English artist transmits messages about her own imperfections and how love is more than just loving the good things about someone; it is loving them on a bad day, flaws included. Songs like “Easy” and “Good Bad” are examples of such recurring themes. In “Good Bad” she says, “So what if I wake up with an attitude/ you assuming that I must be mad at you/ I just rolled out of bed on the wrong side/ and now we’re in a bad mood. You don’t wanna deal with it.” Both songs talk about being in love with someone through thick and thin.

Some of the other tracks, like “Whatchamacallit” featuring Chris Brown, discuss being intimate with someone who is in a relationship with someone else. “I know you got a girlfriend/ You know that I got a man, ooh yeah/ We could wait until we’re single/ But it won’t be as fun then…”

Other songs like “Everything” featuring John Legend, tell the story of a couple that is truly invested in one another, communicating, and reading between the lines. Mai touches on the importance of knowing your partner inside and out, and being patient with them.

Her songs also reach diverse audiences that have caused controversial reactions from her fans. Many say the singer’s new album is not quite there yet. Going from her hit song, “Boo’d Up,” to songs on her recent album, was a bit of a let down for many fans.

Mai’s song with H.E.R., “Gut Feeling,” was a collaboration the public had been waiting for. “If you really think about it, Ella Mai spoiled us with this album. We asked for her to collaboration with Chris Brown and H.E.R. and she gave it to us,” said a fan on Twitter. Although everyone waited long for this collaboration with H.E.R., the excitement was short lived as it was finally released. Many believe the song did not stun them as much as they had hoped, and it was missing something.

Tweets like “I’m convinced Ella Mai is Chris Brown in a wig because this album sounds just like a Chris Brown album,” and “Congrats to Ella Mai for a great album. So happy for all these amazing women killing it,” have gone viral.

The feelings of her album certainly do vary, just like her music. You never know what you will get while listening to Ella Mai. From talking about heartbreak, being in a shaky relationship, or doing things she knows are wrong but feel right, Ella Mai is a woman of versatile music.

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