The Center of Internships and Career Development is Here to Help You

Sherry Sah   Staff Writer

Are you a freshman trying to establish your career goal? Maybe you are a sophomore trying to figure out if your major matches your desired job? Better yet, are you a junior or senior looking for internships that will get your hands-on experience? Everyone in college has two goals, and that is to graduate as well as be able to get a stable job and a degree that will benefit them. Eastern Connecticut State University offers a center called Center of Internships and Career Development, and it’s located right here on campus. It’s in Wood Services on the second floor.

“It’s place where students and alumni are welcome to come get help with all their career and development needs,” the Director of The Center of Development, Clifford Marrett, expresses.

It’s open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. It’s a place where students and alumni can get help on their resume and also get connected to internships. Not only that, they offer coaching lessons for practice interviews. You can also talk to any staff members about a career goal that you would like to take or help you find a goal career goal. Feel free to stop by and book appointments. They’re here so that we can succeed.

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