The Importance of Concert Security

Brooke Cochrane   Opinion Editor

I have been to many concerts in my life. In fact, just this year, I’ve been to seven, and am currently planning on going to two more. It’s safe to say I’ve had my fair share of concert experiences. Recently, I went to a concert at Mohegan Sun Arena, a popular venue I go to all of the time. However, my experience with the last show I went to made me think twice about how important safety is while at a concert.

There are a few different setups for concerts at Mohegan that is decided in advance so when fans are purchasing tickets, they are in the section they desire. I attended the 5 Seconds of Summer “Meet You There” tour on Aug. 29 at the famous arena. To say I was excited for it would be an understatement. I actually showed up at 10:00 p.m. the night before so I knew I would get a good spot close to the stage. The venue was set up so that the entire main floor was a general admission pit, so it was first-come first-serve.

When in the venue, it was clear that the arena and the tour did not communicate how to accommodate the anticipated crowd. I was one of the few fans who purchased the “VIP Soundcheck Experience” package. This included early entrance to the venue, a Q&A session with the band, and early access to merchandise. While I got all of that, I was treated very poorly by the security team at Mohegan. After soundcheck ended, security literally shoved us out. I was actually pushed to the ground by one of the guards. After I was so rudely shoved out of the arena, we were put in an unorganized line. If you are not familiar with this specific venue, there are escalators that lead to the lower sections of the seating area. That is where security lined us up and people had actually ended up falling down the stairs. It was extremely dangerous and highly unprofessional that Mohegan’s security team lined us up in that area. People were injured and eventually were escorted out.

Once we were let back in, security did nothing to control the crowd as they stampeded through and trampled people to the ground trying to get as close to the stage as possible. First of all, this wasn’t fair to the people that were waiting overnight for a spot in the front. Security put no effort in trying to organize the line into its original order. Nevertheless, shortly after we were let in, we were forced out again. When I asked security why we were being shoved out again, they said it was because the opening act still had to do their soundcheck which we were not allowed to watch. I understand, however, there were people sitting in the regular seats and they were not asked to leave in the ever so kind tone they used with me.

I have never been to a concert where I was treated so poorly by a security team and where the event was so inadequately organized. By the end of the night, people were hurt physically and emotionally, including me. This is why having security is important at concerts or any public event. It’s to avoid situations like these. I really hope Mohegan Sun has learned from this and is furthering their efforts to stop this from happening again. As for concert-goers, please listen to security when they tell you to do something. They are only trying to help you.

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