The Truth About Vaping

Bobbi Brown   Staff Writer

Vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling aerosol, otherwise known as vapors.
This action is seen as harmless, but within the vapors are toxic chemicals that can cause cancer, respiratory problems, and heart disease, according to the Center on Addiction. The Center for Addiction is a non-profit organization that specializes in searching to help me who suffer from addiction.

For years now, vaping has been sweeping the nation among college students as a way to get the same euphoric feeling a cigarette gives without getting the same harmful effects it causes, completely unaware that nicotine is still involved. Vaping is mostly done by 18 to 24-year-olds, which means their brains are not fully developed yet. The nicotine within vaping, no matter how small, can affect a person’s mood, appetite and even memory. In more severe cases, it can cause lung disease, heart attacks, cancer of the mouth, and a lot more.

Many college students can’t seem to put the vape pens down, otherwise known as Juuls, a vaporizer that contains nicotine. If you walk onto a college campus, you’re bound to see
puffs of smoke coming from every direction out of tiny machines. A part of the contribution to the addiction are the many flavors Juuls have. Their sweet tastes appeal to the palettes of college students making them want to inhale more and more, ultimately causing damage to their brains and bodies. After a person has consumed nicotine daily, they gradually become dependent on it. Their body craves the sensation it gives, the adrenaline, the dopamine; it becomes a part of their life.

When a person’s body needs nicotine, they start to feel anxious and nervous, experiencing dizziness and headaches that only the draw of a vape pen can cure. Overall, nicotine addiction is drastically increasing among college students. Vape pens and Juuls are a party essential because they’re easily accessible, and college students are the number one purchaser of them. If this idea that vape pens and Juuls are a great alternative to cigarettes, then people are in for threatening lifelong effects.

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