A Letter to Broken Women

Sherry Sah   Staff Writer

Dear Broken Women,

You are amazing, beautiful, smart, and phenomenal women. You are the queen of life. You are the rebirth to the nation and without you, this world will not be able to create life. Sometimes, they will forget about you, disown you, or worse, pretend that you don’t exist. Do not allow them to shackle your validation of worth. When things do not go your way and your crown has met with insecurities, you look in the mirror and you reflect on the scars of people misusing and abusing you. When loneliness hits you and the emptiness of being alone occurs, just know that you are your own encouragement. You have the power that you need to realize how much you impact the world. Stop the self-doubt and surround yourself with positive people because you are a gift to those around you.

You are the reason the sun shines. You are the reason they smile, because of the ray of life that you produce. Your smile heals a nation. Your happiness gives us hope in this deteriorating world. Do not draw away from your royalty. You are stronger than you think. Be strong and learn how to love and admire yourself. It is time to put yourself first and build up your own self confidence. Stop the tears of uncertainty and believe in yourself. There is nothing that you cannot accomplish. Everything that you commit to will be successful. You came all this way, you can’t give up now.

I know it is hard to find who you are, but it is time to try and do it. It is time to heal the broken scars! It is time to put all that you can into yourself. It is time to heal from your scars and never let your crown fall. You are beautiful and smart women.  You are amazing, beautiful, smart, and phenomenal women.

Healed Women

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