Eastern’s College Democrats Club Hosts Ned Lamont

Jackson DeLaney   Contributing Writer

On Tuesday, Oct. 30, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate for Governor of Connecticut, Ned Lamont, visited Eastern’s campus for a meet and greet with students to talk about his vision for the state, and to hear about what concerned them the most. The event was sponsored and organized by the College Democrats at Eastern.

Mr. Lamont emphasized the key differences between himself and his opponent, Republican Bob Stefanowski, which includes their views on gun violence. Mr. Stefanowski wants to roll back Connecticut’s gun control legislation which was made in response to the Sandy Hook tragedy that took place in 2012, while Mr. Lamont wants to protect and expand this legislation. This issue has been brought back into the spotlight following the shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh on Oct. 27.

As he took questions from the audience, Mr. Lamont also discussed how important it is for Connecticut to have a plan of creating good paying jobs for recently graduated college students. Historically, many students have graduated from Connecticut colleges and moved to neighboring cities such as New York or Boston, but Mr. Lamont wants to change this. He told students and faculty how in his tax plan he will lower taxes for businesses to provide an incentive for them to stay in the state, which will then lead to more job openings and opportunities for young workers. Along with this, he has proposed cuts to middle class property taxes to make life easier for families struggling to get by, and help them stay and create lives in the state.

Other topics that were brought up were the environment and the opioid crisis. Mr. Lamont noted the importance of the state legislature to stop taking funding away from the environment and to focus their spending on making Connecticut a more environmentally friendly state. He also explained his plans for combating the opioid epidemic, which includes providing treatment for addicted inmates, securing funding for more protection measures, and expanding insurance coverage to help victims of the crisis.

In total, Mr. Lamont says he is ready to take on the challenges of Governor of Connecticut. He cares about middle- and lower-class families and is ready to do whatever it takes to provide them tax relief and affordable healthcare under a realistic tax plan and protection of the Affordable Care Act, respectively. He will protect citizens from gun violence and invest in reforming the education system to better prepare for the next generation of students. He will also stand up for DACA students, and provide them a path to receiving an education side by side with their fellow Americans.

As a final thought, the College Democrats would like to emphasize the
importance of voting in the upcoming midterm elections. It is not good enough to simply be registered to vote; if you want to make a difference in this country, you must go to the polls. If you are not registered to vote, there are designated places to register to vote on Election Day. Check the Secretary of State’s website to find your registration and polling location.

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