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Eastern’s Drama Society Presents “Reading Between the Lines”

Ruth Gowitzke   Staff Writer

On Nov. 9, 2018, Eastern’s Drama Society held “Reading Between the Lines” in the Delmonte Bernstein Studio Theatre of the Fine Arts Instructional Center. The production featured a collection of student-written and performed comedy scenes. The student writers and actors included Mason Beiter, Emily Kelly, Jacob LaFreniere, Sahireliz Rios, Matthew Bessette, Marissa Starkel, Chris Burkle, and Kaitlyn Melninkaitis. Other student actors and actresses that were featured in the scripts were Madison Bailey, Austin Washington, Cam Brillon, Becky Ingram, Emily Kelly, Sara Lafrance, Shaughn Maleryn, Charlotte Pacheco, Onyae Randall, and Alexis Schacht.

Peter Vasone, the director of the production, showcased how even just narration can add so much to the actors and actresses’ performance on the stage. Vasone read the lines in a way that accented each performance and added a humorous effect. This showed how great of a job the student writers did, as their scripts were easily brought to life for the crowd. Writing a script can be hard work, but listening to it is a piece of cake, especially when it’s a comedy! There was never a dull moment, from both the audience and the performers. Every scene set the audience roaring with laughter.

“Funny Affair” and “My A-Hole Step-Brother” were written by Mason Beiter, who also starred in some of the skits. “An Ordinary Day” (which turned out to be not-so-ordinary) and “President Mallard,” one of my personal favorites, were both written by senior Jacob LaFreniere. This act followed a man who thought he was going to be elected for President, but soon finds out that it was a mistake and he was actually beaten by none other than Mallard, who turns out to be a duck. Mallard proceeded to mock the man by defecating everywhere, even on his desk. When him and his Vice President try to shoo him away, they are thwarted by another woman who comes into the scene and gives the duck bread instead of starving it like they were planning to. The man’s former Vice President becomes Mallard’s new Vice President at the end which she was, unsurprisingly, thrilled about.

Other scripts that did not make it into the performances but deserve honorable mentions were “The Day in the Life of Marty” by Tyler Clough and “Dads Anonymous” by Hannah Winter. If you happen to know any of these talented students and did not get to make it to the show, make sure to give them a high five for their performances, they did a fantastic job. For the scenes that did not make it due to the time constraint, make sure to give them a high five as well. Eastern’s Drama Society is always providing shows that truly portray how talented and funny Eastern students are. The Drama Society gave the crowd a break from the stress that college brings with “Reading Between the Lines.”

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