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Why Did Ted Cruz Get Re-Elected as a Senator for Texas?

Robert Lockaby   Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, everyone across America went out to the voting polls in order to get their voices heard for the midterms, and the turn out for the younger generation was incredible. As a result, the Democrats took control of the House which is looking good for them, but everyone is crossing their fingers to see if they can make any progress with their control. Even though the Senate did not change a bit in the midterms, it was a bit expected to be honest. However, there was one factor that was the same that does not make sense, which is how Ted Cruz was re-elected as a Senator for Texas.

Was there really no one better than Ted Cruz for Texas Senator? Seriously, everyone in the Republican party hates him, the Democrats hate him, the independents hate him, and even the President of the United States hates him. It seems that all the Republicans did was just at the last minute say how wonderful of a guy he truly is when in reality, they are still going to talk crap about him for the rest of his political career. He even got booed at the Republican Convention in 2016 for not endorsing Trump earlier.  Most of them are in the right to criticize him as his ethics and policies pretty much exemplify how the Republicans are turning into their own stereotypes.

For example, when Beto O’Rourke, Cruz’s opponent in the 2018 midterm election, spoke out about how the shooting of Botham Jean was terribly mishandled by the police and how the media only focused on how he had marijuana, Cruz tweeted a questionable remark: “In Beto O’Rourke’s own words” and attached was a video to his speech about the incident, subtly implying how the cop was in the right even though it seemed no one was defending the cop. Also, he released an attack ad about how O’Rourke “wants to take our guns” when he clearly did not fully see how background checks and banning assault rifles would work for the country. Cruz has been attacked by Trump, who has stated that his wife is ugly and his father was in on the JFK assassination. However, Cruz still supports him as president for reasons that are very hard to understand. He has spoken out about how terrible the family separation is at the borders but he has not gotten together with the rest of his party in congress and tried to stop it at all. Whenever he was on the campaign trail, Cruz also played on the fears of paranoid Americans who believe ridiculous conspiracy theories, such as how the government spying on all our devices. We all get it, freedom good, big brother bad, even though you do support a man who thinks it’s a good idea to make executive orders for policies no one wanted in the first place.

It was unlikely for Texas to vote for someone other than a Republican since the last time they did was 25 years ago. However, it is 2018 and America is still a work in progress. Even though it seems that I am knocking the Republicans, I really am not. America just deserves people in office who will reason well with opposing sides, stand up to any prejudice or wrongdoing, and knows their way around the law of the land and what people need to get by in their everyday lives. Ted Cruz does not fit any of that criteria at all.

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