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Elena Sorrentino   Editor-in-Chief

Eastern Connecticut State University offers a wide variety of fitness classes that students can take for one credit. These typically run for half of the semester and can be an easy way to supplement your schedule. This past semester, myself and my begrudging boyfriend took Cardio Kickboxing together and it was a surprisingly enjoyable experience. Even he was forced to admit it.

Cardio Kickboxing was twice a week with instructor Sanford, and slowly built up throughout the semester. The first few classes focused on introductory moves and building up stamina. This gradualness was necessary, as while some people were clearly acquainted with cardio kickboxing, it was just as clear that others had never interacted with it before in their lives. In addition to this, there is no air conditioning in the Sports Complex, so throughout the beginning of September, the exercise room felt more like a sauna. However, the instructor was aware of this and was sure to give the class plenty of water breaks and remained cognizant of the intensity of the workouts she was leading. As the class became increasingly difficult, it was motivational that I was able to complete moves that would have intimidated me at the beginning of the semester.

Going into Cardio Kickboxing, I wasn’t exactly sure what the class was going to consist of. Now having taken it, it is exactly how it sounds; a high-paced class that focuses on a mixture of cardio and kickboxing in rhythm with music. This was a little bit disappointing, because I had been picturing a room full of those red punching bags where students learn how to take down a man twice their size. There was a heavy focus on cardio, the class was led through repetitions of movement in choreographed sequences. These were still empowering, and totally worthwhile. The upbeat nature of the class was a fun and easy way to make life a little bit healthier. Fellow class member, Jacob Dayton, says of the class, “Although I was sore after each class, I always looked forward to kickboxing. It was always an enjoyable and supportive atmosphere.”

Every semester there are several exercise courses that are offered, and I would highly recommend taking one if you can fit it into your schedule during one of your years at Eastern. Some of the classes that Eastern offers in addition to Cardio Kickboxing include: Zumba, Aerobics, Weight Training, Yoga, Kung Fu, and Tai Chi. These classes are a great way to try something different. You would be surprised at how much stress you can relieve by participating in these unique courses.

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