Club Spotlight: Student Government

Fiorella Beccaglia   A&E Editor

The Student Government Association (SGA) is a student-led organization that acts as an organized voice for all students at Eastern Connecticut State University. The organization provides members with the opportunity to develop skills in democratic procedures. Shaped in the form of a representative government, the senators and Executive Board are elected in the spring and fall semesters by the entire student body. Each senator represents roughly 200 students, working to meet their social, economic, and curricular needs.

Representatives serve in deliberations with the administration, faculty, and staff of Eastern. They are appointed to act and speak for students in the decision and policy making process. SGA aims to cultivate and maintain positive and informed relationships between the students and the administration, ensuring that student interests are represented any time a policy or proposal affecting the student body is introduced.

Not only does SGA help enhance Eastern as a community and fosters collaboration, it also helps members build important skills and employability. “Student Government gave me the space to express my peers’ concerns in a space that encourages the student voice. Being a part of the organization has given me opportunities to grow my own leadership, and verbal/ written communication skills in a way to provide transferable skills to me in my future career,” stated Katherine O’Rourke, Vice-President of SGA.

One of SGA’s recent accomplishments is its collaboration in writing the New Administration White Paper Response to the governor of Connecticut. The document summarizes the feedback received from the faculty and staff at Eastern, as well as the SGA. This feedback is in response to the questions posed by President of the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities (CSCU), Mark Ojakian, and his interest in improving the system and protecting the students.

The organization also funds every club on campus through its Budget and Management Committee (BAM). This internal committee recognizes clubs and organizations as official in the Eastern community, and manages all of their funding.

Another major goal of SGA is to promote citizenship on campus and in the greater Windham community. “SGA has not only taught me the role of leader, but also the value of communicating and building relationships with others. That’s what makes being a part of it entertaining and exciting,” said Robert Migliorino, the Public Relations Committee Chair who was recently awarded the title of “Senator of the Semester” for his contribution to the organization.

In light of the racially charged incidents that occurred at Eastern in the spring and fall semesters of 2018, the SGA senate passed a resolution expressing its support of all students and its condemnation of such acts. An email was sent out to the student body in which the SGA wrote, “Be it resolved, the Student Government Association of Eastern Connecticut State University affirms its conviction that our campus thrives on its diversity and capacity to hold healthy discussion and condemn all behavior acting in opposition to such values.” The Campus Climate Resolution corroborates SGA’s value of inclusion, reminding everyone that all members of the Eastern community should be united in supporting the institution and its students.

SGA’s motto is “Students Serving Students.” As a senator myself, I can say with confidence that each and every member works hard to raise student awareness, promote student involvement, and represent the voice of the students. In my two years at Eastern, I am glad to have encountered a group of students with such passion and resilience for helping others.

Everyone is invited to contact the SGA at or attend any of the meetings, scheduled on Mondays at 3:00 p.m. in room 107 of Student Center.

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