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Black Student Union Presents “Catch My Drip”

Nyimah Jackson   Staff Writer

As we delve deeper into Black History month, it was only right for the Black Student Union to host their second fashion show. Kicking off the show with the powerful image of the models on stage, raising their fists in solidarity while the song “Lift Every Voice and Sing” played on, the Black Student Union’s fashion show was an ode to black excellence.

Located in the Fine Arts building, “Catch My Drip” was hosted by Justis Lopez, who kept the crowd engaged throughout the show. Between each showcase he occasionally stepped off the stage and interacted with the audience, taking the time to emphasize how important it is to connect with our community during a time where the nation is so divided. He even encouraged a few members of the audience to join him on stage and take part in a mini modeling competition to see who could model the best.

All the designers were local Connecticut artists who came to Eastern in order to promote their creations. Students ranging from freshmen to seniors strutted across the stage, showcasing beautiful outfits by brands such as Reizer and Flight Vintage.

While the models did wardrobe changes, we were introduced to the Eastern Steppers, Eastern’s new step team. Dressed in black and camouflage, the ladies took the stage and performed a quick skit about a girl wanting to join the step team. With voices bigger than them and stomps that shook the stage, the ladies’ debut was a big hit with the audience. They ended their performance and danced off the stage with much applause and cheering following their departure. They gave us just a taste of what we will be seeing come April when they perform at Eastern’s first ever step show.

As usual, Fusion Dance team delivered a stellar performance in which they gave us a mix of upbeat and sultry, as they danced to hits such as Beyoncé and 6lack.
From the perfect music for each showcase to one of the models doing a death-drop at the end of the runway, the Black Student Union did a job well done when it came to producing a show that kept the audience immersed.


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