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Marina and the Diamonds Returns After Four Years

Robin Blassberg   A&E Editor

On Feb. 8, 2019, MARINA, previously known as Marina and the Diamonds, released her single, “Handmade Heaven,” her first solo single since “Blue” in 2015. Through promotion of the song, Marina and her team added vertical videos to some of her other songs on Spotify that featured a letter from the title.

Marina surely did not disappoint those waiting for the release of this single. Fans of her will enjoy this song for its melodramatic dreamy pop sound, similar to what we know from her. Newcomers to the song will become entranced with her effortless voice and somber lyrics. It is calm and almost ethereal with each note and word sung by Marina, and has been likened to artists such as Lorde and Lana Del Rey.

From the lyrics, it is clear Marina is singing of yearning for inner peace by imagining a utopia of happiness and serenity in nature. According to her Twitter, she “wrote the song at a time when [she] felt very out of sync and lost in the world.” The song begins with an unsure Marina claiming, “I envy the birds high up in the trees/They live out their lives so purposefully” later admitting she “want[s] to belong like the birds in the trees” since she “carr[ies] along a feel[ing] of unease” that she deals with daily. These feelings are then reflected in what may be the most impactful lyric in the song, “the skyscrapers glow like they’ll never fall down,” an observation she made as she “sit[s] on [her] own, look[s] over the town.” Her feeling of wistful jealousy is translated so well and so apparent in this set of lyrics. She sings of how the skyscrapers live their lives beaming and happy like nothing bad may ever come to them.

To combat the negative feelings that plague her, she imagines a carefree world, known as a “handmade heaven.” In this world, it is always defined by “paradise” and “bluebirds forever colour the sky.” These birds are crucial to the song, as she ends the single repeating the phrase “(Bluebirds forever) birds of a feather/(Bluebirds forever) fly together.” By saying this, she emphasizes that happy people remain with happy people, a place she desires to be. Not only does the song sound beautiful lyrically and musically, but it is also full of imagery that puts you right next to Marina as she dreams of this world.

The imagery in her lyrics is brought to life through the music video, released on the same day. She is seen all dressed in red, contrasted beautifully against the snowy forest she is walking through. When she sings of the “handmade heaven” bright flowers and never-ending fields appear

The album is still unnamed and there is no expected release date, but I am sure many would agree the wait is worth it.

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