New England Celebrates Another Sports Championship

Michael Pellegrino   Staff Writer

Boston has had to suffer for far too long now. With only about 99 days between the Red Sox World Series parade and the Patriots Super Bowl parade, many were left unsure what to do without a parade close at hand.

In all seriousness, a run of 12 championships since 2001 is an absurd record for the city of Boston. The New England Patriots celebrated their sixth Super Bowl title after beating the L.A. Rams 13-3, and I was there to witness it from beginning to end.

The key to any great experience at a parade is arriving early. My friend and I were at the rails ready to watch all the players go by at 8am sharp, with the parade not set to start until 11 and reach us at about 12. The overall vibe of the city was fantastic that morning. With an estimated 1.5 million people attending, from Government Center to Hynes, the streets were filled with people in Patriot’s gear.

One would think that with all the parades in Boston this century fans would get tired of it, but I can assure you this was not the case. Everyone was as lively as if this was their first parade, holding up signs saying, “Never gets old” and “Still Here.”

Being at the end of a parade route is difficult, as you can see that it has started online, but know you have to wait so long for it to get to you. So, to pass the time people were tossing objects back and forth across the street to each other: things such as NERF footballs, rolls of toilet paper, and water bottles, all in good fun. But after a while, we slowly heard the rumble of the duck boats from down the street and we knew it was time to party.

When a championship parade takes place, everyone who was part of the team gets to be in it. So, teams stagger the boats by having players, owners, coaches, staff etc. at different points along the route. To start off, I saw a boat with Robert Kraft holding a Lombardi looking as happy as ever, followed by some front office staff, and the players. Sadly, Tom Brady was facing the other side of the street, so I did not get a glimpse of him. However, seeing Kyle Van Noy and Julian Edelman standing on trucks looking as though they have conquered the world was incredible. Screaming and cheering among thousands of fellow Patriots fans is what truly made this day special.

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