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Super Bowl Halftime Show Dissapoints Fans

Robert Lockaby   Staff Writer

On Feb. 3, 2019, the uneventful Super Bowl game between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams took place with the Patriots ultimately winning the game. The game featured a halftime show starring Maroon 5 with Travis Scott and Big Boi. It seemed as though the NFL was having trouble booking people for the venue due to their mishandling of controversies, especially their stance on players kneeling during the National Anthem. Viewers have wondered if the halftime show was worth the whole 12-13 minutes of entertainment or was it just a big trainwreck. Well, it started off good but, went downhill kind of quickly.

At the beginning, Maroon 5 was actually playing their instruments as they kicked off the show with two tracks off their debut, Songs About Jane, which was very surprising to the audience watching. Adam Levine admittedly sounded good on the vocals and the band was enjoyable. However, the problems started to come right after this.

When Squidward’s dialogue before the song “Sweet Victory” came on, people thought they were actually going to get a performance of the song in tribute to the late Stephen Hillenburg who created the show, “Spongebob Squarepants.” Instead, they were treated to Travis Scott’s verse in the song “Sicko Mode” and Adam Levine singing “Girls Like You” right afterwards. When Big Boi came on with the song “The Way You Move,” it seemed as though no one cared anymore which stinks since he sounded pretty good. It was quickly evident that the rumors about Andre Benjamin reuniting with him onstage were not true. It also did not help matters that Levine became extremely pitchy after Travis Scott took the stage and also began bouncing around the stage as though he was Tigger with a guitar when he was not singing.

The vocal mixing on both Travis Scott and Big Boi was super low compared to Levine’s and the pitchy delivery continued throughout the remained of the show. Perhaps Levine should have taken a water break during the other artists’ songs instead of hoping awkwardly around stage with a barely strummed guitar wrapped around his waist.
Overall, the beginning of the show sounded great and it was nice to hear old Maroon 5 songs. Also, Big Boi gave an astounding performance for his song. Unfortunately, the disappointment of not hearing “Sweet Victory” tainted the reputation of the show and ensured that “Sicko Mode” is ruined for the majority, as well. However, it definitely was not the worst halftime show in history.

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