The Real Victims of the College Admissions Scandal

Fiorella Beccaglia   Opinion Editor Having heard the news on the American college admissions scandal I, like many others, felt outraged. I was lost for words over the extent to which people abuse their privilege and use money to rob others of opportunities and experiences. I understand that they remain allegations—nearly 50 people, including actors Felicity Huffman […]


My Weird Dog Brady

Ruth Gowitzke   Staff Writer I have a puppy named Brady who is nine months old and is a mutt. He is primarily a mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund. When I adopted him at nine weeks, I did not expect him to act so weird, but here we are. Here are four weird things that Brady […]


New Zealand Shooting Aftermath

Samuel Esteva-Canas   Staff Writer New Zealand is a peaceful country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean within Oceania. The island’s geopolitical features isolate it from the rest of the world, but its good standards of life call the attention of thousands of tourists every year. Also, in Dec. 2018 the American business magazine Forbes declared […]


Stop the Sidewalk Staring

Brianna Crysler   Staff Writer One morning this past summer, as I pulled up to the sidewalk curb to drop my girlfriend off for work, I was met with the shining sun, chirping birds, and the completely unnecessary stare of an unwelcome onlooker as I kissed her goodbye. The kiss was nothing graphic, hardly more than […]


Failure After Trump-Kim Summit

Fiorella Beccaglia   Opinion Editor The United States and North Korea offered conflicting accounts and traded blame on Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019, after the second summit meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong-un ended abruptly without any agreement on nuclear disarmament or easing tensions on the Korean Peninsula. “Sometimes you have to walk,” Trump said at […]


President’s Breakfast: How Eastern’s Budget Will Affect Students

Elena Sorrentino   Editor-in-Chief Wednesday, March 6, the Student Government Association (SGA) hosted the first President’s Breakfast of the semester. This event serves as an environment where student leaders can become informed and give feedback on the newest developments facing Eastern’s community. These reports are given directly by President Nunez and other important administrators, including the […]