My Weird Dog Brady

Ruth Gowitzke   Staff Writer

I have a puppy named Brady who is nine months old and is a mutt. He is primarily a mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund. When I adopted him at nine weeks, I did not expect him to act so weird, but here we are. Here are four weird things that Brady does:

Brady likes to eat big chunks of snow. He doesn’t just bite at the show as it falls to the ground or takes little nibbles. Instead, he likes to take a big chunk and carry it with him if we are on a walk and start eating it. He especially likes eating ice. The last time it snowed Brady wanted to go outside just so he could eat some of the snow or ice on the ground. I’m not sure if this is just something all dogs do, or if Brady is just bizarre. This leads me to another weird thing that Brady does.

He likes to bring sticks or chunks of snow back with him when coming home from a walk. However, if he finds a good stick early in the walk, he will refuse to go any further and insist that we go back so he can chew on it. Personally, I find this to be a little more cute than odd, but I do not imagine other dogs bringing back souvenirs from their walks. I have only heard of cats bringing back dead birds or mice. The only bad thing about Brady bringing a stick back from the walk is that he will want to bring it inside to chew it up and he will leave little pieces of the stick all over the floor. Now I make him chew on sticks outside.

Another weird thing that Brady does is the way he plays with my cat Ollie. He tends to bite Ollie’s face and Ollie isn’t a huge fan of that. He does not hurt Ollie in anyway, he just play-fights, but he does not understand that Ollie does not appreciate being jumped on and bitten by a silly dog. With other dogs, Brady will just run around with them. With Ollie, he does a full-on tackle. It may be because Brady knows Ollie better and thinks of him as a brother, but it is funny to see Ollie’s face being engulfed in Brady’s mouth.

A fourth weird thing that Brady does is smile. It’s not that it’s weird that he smiles, it’s the way he smiles. When I come home from somewhere, he immediately runs up to me and gets so excited that he jumps around and shows his teeth. Brady looks like he is going to attack or try to bite me, but he is just trying to smile. It seems that he doesn’t realize his mouth needs to be turned upward, but I appreciate him trying and showing that he loves me.

Despite all the interesting things that Brady does, I still love him to pieces. Brady is great at snuggling, he shows how he loves me and my family, and he has gained a long-lasting friendship with Ollie, even if Ollie does not like to play with him too much.

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