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A Review of AMC Stubs A-List Program

Alyssa Law Staff Writer

As a college student, I know how important it is to find inexpensive and fun things to do.  I love to watch movies, but never see them in theaters because tickets are usually too pricey, so I end up staying home and browsing the less than desirable titles on Netflix.  When I heard of the AMC Stubs A-List program, I thought it was too good to be true.  They advertise 3 movies per week for $20 per month (this ended up being $25.39 with taxes and fees).  I thought that this would be a great deal, as one movie usually ends up costing around $11 to $14.  I vowed that I would watch as many movies as I could to get my money’s worth.  I have been using the pass for almost a month and a half now, and these are my initial thoughts.

First off, the pros; so far, I have seen eight movies. Some of the more popular titles being “Us,” “Captain Marvel,” “Green Book,” and “The Upside.”  I am able to see up to three movies each week, and I have not experienced any restrictions.  I was able to see one movie the night it came out, and I can see another one in any of the theaters available.  This means that I can see films in the new Dolby Cinema theaters, where tickets are usually about $15.  These new theaters have better sound and picture quality, and improved reclining seats that rumble with loud noises such as explosions.  Lastly, the subscription comes with an app where I am able to choose and reserve my seat ahead of time, have my ticket scanned, and see all showtimes in nearby theaters.  This made it extremely easy to look for and access my tickets.

Now some cons; you are only able to watch the movies at AMC Theaters.  The closest one to Eastern is about 30 minutes away in Lisbon, so I went on the weekend when I was home, as there is a theatre close by.  If you don’t live near an AMC theater, this might be a deal breaker for you.  There is also a minimum three-month commitment when signing up for the program, so it will end up costing me about $75 for the three months.  However, on the subject of cost, I have calculated how much money the program has saved me.  So far, after a month and a half of the program ($25.39 for one month and $12.70 for the half of the month) I have spent $38.  When I calculated the regular ticket prices of the movies that I have seen so far, the total is about $90, which gives me a savings of about $51.

All in all, I think a subscription to the AMC Stubs A-List was worth the money.  I was able to have something to do on the weekends that was already paid for, so I wasn’t spending money every weekend.  I believe that I would have seen some of these movies regardless, and I may have spent the months fee of $25.39 anyway.  This pass allowed me to see the movies that I had been dying to see, plus I was able to enjoy more that I may have otherwise skipped.   

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