Why Feminism Can Be Problematic

Melody Cabarroguis   Staff Writer

Third-wave feminism faces many judgments, mainly because its goals are not aligned with feminist culture. Some of the factors that I am going to mention are the reasons why I believe feminism today is constantly attacked.

First, since women ought to be equal to men, they also free themselves with sex. The problem with transnational movements such as SlutWalk, and the overall liberation of women with their bodies, is that they create a deception of equality. We deprive women because instead of teaching men to respect us, these movements send messages about us always being available. This also ties into the concept of “rape culture.” The power of consent that we hold dear is destroyed by the parallel views of girls’ sexual liberation. Now, the word, “no” is ripped apart by modern feminism. If we don’t want to be treated as an object, we should not treat ourselves like one. Our founding feminists, whom I take pride in, worked themselves up to be taken seriously. Let us not waste their effort.

Additionally, I believe the pro-choice stance on abortion most feminists nowadays hold does not free women from societal oppression. Rather, it puts our physical, mental and social health at risk. They demoralize abortion too often and disconnect themselves from their real feelings. I watched a video in which a young woman had an abortion. She explained her story and mentioned how it was her right to have it. The stress on her face told me that she was not completely comfortable with what happened. Most women might feel that they became free from the burden of having a child and empowered by this right to choose, but they will feel scared and depressed before and after having an abortion. Some might question their decision. The National Abortion Federation does not deny this and clearly says, “Some women feel grief even though they know they made a right decision…The feelings are real.” The emotions that they have before or after the fetus is removed is inevitable because women are biologically meant to be mothers. This is the natural instinct they have for their own child, no matter what.

Ultimately, the culture of modern feminism discourages motherhood. Prior feminists such as Mary Wollstonecraft challenged the oppression of women by defining marriage as societal tool that kept women in only traditional wife and mother roles. Now, I believe we push this message too far. When I was still in high school, my teacher shared a story about how they decided one of them had to stay home to take care of their three children because of how expensive daycare costs are. His wife ended up being the one to stay and they were fine with it, but they would get questions from neighbors and family simply because a mother decided to take care of her children. I am proud that women have the opportunity to achieve any goals that they set their minds to, but I am disappointed that we don’t support one of the most important abilities of a woman: motherhood.

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