WrestleMania 35 Preview

Marquist Parker Sports Editor

The road to WrestleMania is almost over and this year’s card looks to be one of the most stacked in years.  Last year’s show was a bit of a letdown, so I’m excited to see how the WWE will bounce back this year.  Even with the rumored runtime of seven hours fans are still excited to watch. Let’s preview some of the biggest storylines heading into the show of shows:

A Women’s main event? – In the 35-year history of WrestleMania, there has never been a Women’s match main event.  This appears to be the last year this can be said as Ronda Rousey (Raw champion), Charlotte Flair (Smackdown champion), and Becky Lynch are rumored to be closing the show.  After the year that these three women have had, its no surprise that WWE wants them in the biggest spotlight possible.  I expect the Women’s Title unification match to steal the show and showcase women’s wrestling in its highest form.

The WWE Championship coronation of Kofi Kingston – We never knew we wanted to see Kofi Kingston compete for the biggest prize in WWE, but once it was announced the fans couldn’t help but get excited over the match.  The story that WWE is telling is similar to the one they told for Daniel Bryan five years ago, the underdog who wants to prove that hes not a “B-Plus Player” but a champion.  Ironically, the person standing in his way from achieving this goal is Daniel Bryan himself, the reigning champion.  Kofi has done everything there is to do in the WWE except win “the big one”, look for him to finally climb the mountain at WrestleMania.

The end of the Lesnar era? – Brock Lesnar has dominated the WWE ever since he came back to the company after his stint in the UFC.  When Roman Reigns relinquished his title after a battle with Leukemia, it was expected that Shield buddy Seth Rollins would finally get a run with the title, but it was not to be.  Lesnar regained the belt at the forgettable and controversial “WWE Crown Jewel”, and will walk into WrestleMania the campion once again.  Royal Rumble winner Seth Rollins looks to complete the long climb to the top by dethroning Brock Lesnar.  I expect Rollins to finally slay the beast and walk out of MetLife Stadium as the champion.           

Goodbye Game? –  Beginning with Batista’s return and subsequent attack on Ric Flair to ruin his mentor’s 70th birthday celebration in which he followed up by calling out Triple H, the feature match years in the making is now set. Batista showed up on Raw and requested the match on television that he’s clamored for publicly as of late, and Triple H not only obliged, but put his career on the line as well.  We could be saying goodbye to one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.   

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