My Experience Registering for Classes

Ruth Gowitzke   Staff Writer

By now, all students except freshmen, who will register on April 22, have enrolled in courses for the 2019 fall semester, but the lingering stress of registration day is still present. EWeb is great for looking up available courses and figuring out your schedule before your assigned registration period, but in my own personal experience over these past few years at Eastern, I have found myself completely frustrated with how slow the system is during registration time.

In my freshman year when I tried to log in, the system logged me out several times and made my first registration experience very stressful. As a freshman, as many of you know, there are not many classes left since the upperclassmen register first. Because of this, typing in all the CRN’s (Class Registration Numbers) just in time is vital.
As a sophomore, I found the registration process a little less stressful, but eWeb continued to disappoint as the system would take a good five minutes to show me the classes on my final schedule. I began to think that my computer was the problem, but in retrospect, eWeb was probably to blame for this sloth-like rate.

This year, my junior year, I found that eWeb was as slow as always. I had my computer ready to type, a new computer I might add, and was ready to rapidly type in the CRN numbers. When I clicked submit, I was ready to see the classes pop up on the screen, and the word “Registered” with asterisks next to it. I waited for a few moments, and there was nothing. The little loading icon was on the screen, and to my horror, the screen popped up with the words: “This site can’t be reached, [the name of the website] took too long to respond.” So, like any logical person, I clicked on the back arrow and it took me back to the login page. I logged in and tried again (It didn’t work). After three more tries, the page finally loaded, confirming that I had been registered for my classes. I would have been more relieved had I not been having high anxiety before, but I was glad I had scored the classes I wanted.

While you may be thinking, “doesn’t it make sense for eWeb to be slow because there are a lot of people registering at the same time?” The answer is yes; you would be right. This, however, does not excuse the fact that nothing has been done about eWeb’s slow processing speed. There should be some way to help the system run faster so that students have an easier time with registration. Hopefully, next week, upcoming freshman will have an easier time registering than I did.

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