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The End of an Era Has Arrived With “Avengers: Endgame”

Aline Silva   Contributing Writer

132 characters. 21 movies. One cinematic universe. On April 26, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes gear up for one more fight in “Avengers: Endgame.”

The next “Avengers” installment is 11 years in the making. Dating back to “Iron Man” in 2008, Marvel has been rapidly pushing out movies to conduct a narrative that leads into this next entry. They have coined this is as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and each movie has its own place on the timeline, holding details that are relevant to understand what is about to take place.

The storyline follows six infinity stones—Reality, Mind, Space, Power, Time, and Soul. These gems each represent a piece of the universe and are immensely powerful. They are spread out across the galaxy, until one celestial being by the name of Thanos goes on a quest to obtain all six for himself.

“Avengers: Endgame” takes place after all of this. Thanos wielded all six infinity stones at the end of the last “Avengers” entitled, “Infinity War” and did nothing more than snap his fingers and for once, the Avengers have lost the fight. Half of mankind was wiped out, including many of the beloved characters that Marvel has built over the course of the franchise. The original Avengers remain, along with a few others including Hawkeye turned Ronin, Ant-Man, and the recently introduced Captain Marvel. It is still unclear as to how much time has passed since “Infinity War,” but the mourning hasn’t stopped, and the fallen have yet to be avenged.

The trailers have not revealed much about the plot, but have not stopped short in showing the viewers that they have not forgotten what Thanos has done. The Avengers have one final plan in store and are going to need anybody who is left to help them.
It has been heavily rumored that time travel may play a vital role in this “plan” and that theory only continues to gain traction as trailers continue to show flashbacks from past films. Marvel has also made it a point in the few most recent teasers to show the same shot of multiple Avengers sporting brand new red and white threads that allude to the possibility of using Ant-Man’s Quantum Realm, in which time is deemed irrelevant.

Anthony and Joe Russo, also known as the Russo Brothers, the directors of the film, have put out a statement asking fans to please not spoil the movie for other fans. “Endgame” has become one of the most anticipated movies in history due to being the grand conclusion of an 11 year story. That being said, staying off the internet is highly recommended as the release date draws closer to insure going into the movie theater for epic finale, spoiler-free to indulge in every single moment for the three hour and 58-second run-time.

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